Sunday, November 23, 2008


I knew that this day would come
And you would open our communications once again
I missed you so much
I know you know how happy I am

I won't ask much from you
But I'm really glad and delighted
When you said "our friendship is something I could assure, others won't have"
That's enough for me to hear from you and won't ask for more
I'll always hold to that thought

We are bestfriends no matter what others say
I know at this time we cannot see each other
I'll wait until we see again face to face
I felt renewal of our friendship and it refreshes me

As we chatted I knew that it's a new start
But I know it's more of clearing things up
And understanding both sides
I'm here always for you and you know that my bestfriend.

P.S. continuation of my previous post


aiLee920 said...

hehe:) yup, mediu malapet po ang lucena sa lucban... hehehe:) how did you know lucban nga pala, because of the famous grotto?! hehe:) anyways, hindi lang ako umuuwi, d2 talaga ako nakatira.. hehe:)

Anonymous said...

so sweeeet. :)

aiLee920 said...

yup, sa lucban nga xa... hehehe:) madali lang pumunta ng lucena... hehehe:) tsaka if you like shopping, meron d2 two main malls, metro gaisano and SM... hehehe ala lang...

Anonymous said...

there will be no perfect friendship anywhere in this world. let's just be happy that once in our lives, we were happy together. thanks for those times you were there for me :)

Rio said...

ang sweet naman nito...ayiii...kiniilig ako..=}

jules said...

wow what a lovely poem :D nice picture, too! :)


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