Saturday, November 29, 2008

When you can live forever... What do you live for?

Hmmm.. Is that a good question? Or a hard question to answer?

Seems the Twilight fever is just starting and there are still a lot of people who haven't watched the movie but wanted to watch it. There are other countries that the movie is not yet showing on their cinemas.

For those Twilight fans, those who haven't watched the movie and already watched the movie but would like to check out the behind the scenes or the making of Twilight, I researched these for you...

So what is your answer on the question "When you can live forever... What do you live for?". Would you like to be immortal and be 17 years old forever or live your life as a mortal and die when your old?


Sue said...

I am OK, thank you for asking. ;)
My Christmas break starts only 18 Dec.
Twilight will be arriving here by that time, and no, unfortunately there isn't a Shakey's pizza at my town.
School it's been driving me crazy, because I am having a lot of work with the project and all the tests. But I'll survive, lol.

Hope you're still fine so as your work and all.

time check which I forgot last time: 11.38 p.m.

Anonymous said...

parang walang excitement pag lam mo na hindi ka mamatay. :)

i havent watched twighlight yet. but a couple of friends of mine said that themovie was a lil boring. well, i still wanna watch it to see for myself how terrible the movie is. joke. i got this feeling too na hindi nabigyan ng justice ang ganda ng story sa book. :)

jules said...

i watched it and i love it ! :)

di ko nabasa ang book pero sabi nila mas maganda raw basahin. di kasi ako masydong nagbabasa eh pero try ko this time. :)


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