Thursday, August 26, 2010

Looking at Two Sides

It's almost a year now since I wrote my last entry here. There are so many things that have happened lately that I don't want to talk about but what is happening around me can't just be set aside in one corner. I know for a fact that each person is entitled to have his or her own opinion on things that are happening around. So, here I am writing and giving my opinion to what happened for this week. My mind is screaming and telling me that I should get these things in writing. So here it goes...

I know how delicate it is to talk about th
e hostage crisis that everyone tuned in to last Monday, August 21. News team from around the globe like CNN, BBC, ABC, and Hongkong local news are all simulcast and bringing live coverage of the Ex-policeman who held up a tourist bus and passengers are mostly Chinese nationals in Manila. The hostage lasted I think 10 or 11 hours. I won't elaborate more on what happened within those hours for I'm sure many know what happened. I would like to elaborate more regarding how our local government handled the situation on my own opinion. I'm no policeman or related to any of those investigators or any committee involving taking control of the situation. But what I don't understand is that why it took so long for the authorities to negotiate with the hostage taker? The hostage taker is asking for the police force to give him back his job and to go over or review his charges for misconduct in the office of the Ombudsman. Would it be simple that the negotiator told the ex-cop that they will look into it ASAP? And that they took it into writing or legal documents that they will review the charges or look into what they can do to get him back his job. Legal document that would be signed by people in authority that could help the ex-cop in this situation. I would think that if the ex-cop have a legal document at hand, it have ended up the hostage peacefully. Yes, they did shown him a document from the Ombudsman but the hostage taker just said that it is all trash! At that time they should have not let the hostage taker look at the document that even the authorities know that it won't do them any good. I think they only showed that document thinking that they could buy more time for negotiation or the hostage taker will take the document and just surrender. The incident might have ended up around 5:00 in the afternoon if not for the incident happened to the hostage taker's brother. The hostage taker's brother is also a policeman but seen near the tourist bus wearing civilian clothes and carrying a pistol. Later on, the hostage taker's brother was disarmed and arrested for authorities think that he is an accomplish. The hostage taker seen all these on live television because the tourist bus has a television installed in. This provoked the hostage taker to kill the 8 Chinese nationals ending the hostage crisis sadly after a sniper took shot of the hostage taker when he appeared unintentionally at the door of the tourist bus.

If you look at the whole situation from start to finish, both the hostage taker and the passengers of the tourist bus are all victims of injustice system in the country. Why you ask? Because first what provoked the hostage taker
former Senior Inspector Rolando del Rosario Me
ndoza to do such thing is the slow movement of his case in the Ombudsman regarding charges such as robbery, robbery-extortion, grave threats and physical injuries. All the neighbors, friends, and former colleague of the ex-cop are telling people how kind he was and that he is planning to run as Barangay Captain this coming barangay elections. So what he has turned out to be last Monday is a shock to many who knew him. So it's not the media or ground commander nor the negotiator be blamed for this incident. If not for the slow movement of the case of the former cop, no 8 Chinese nationals were killed including Mendoza. The ex-cop is just seeking justice. I hope that something good will turn out after all these incident.

Let's go for the lighter side of week. Augu
st 22, all are watching and stay tuned again to their television and on the internet but not for what happened yesterday. All eyes as the beautiful ladies of 83 countries strutted their way on stage for the Miss Universe pageant. Of course with the news regarding the online poll voting, all Filipinos are excited that the country's representative Maria Venus Raj will win the title. As the top 15 were called in, excitement drew all Filipinos to stay tuned until the end of the pageant. All across the globe, people are waiting who will be crowned as Miss Universe 2010. And so the top 10 are called in, Venus Raj is among them and all Filipinos are cheering and jumping. Before Miss Venus represented our country for the Miss Universe, she had undergone some problem because of her nationality. She was born out of wedlock in Doha, Qatar but when her parents separated, she was brought to Bato, Camarines Sur in the Region of Bicol in the Eastern part of Luzon, Philippines. She went through legal matters to fight for her crown after she was declared Bb. Pilipinas-Miss Universe. The organizers of the Bb. Pilipinas said that they will return the title Bb. Pilipinas-Miss Universe to Miss Venus Raj, if she will be able to get a Philippine passport from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). After I think 3 to 5 months of undergoing legal matters, she finally got her Philippine passport and got her crown back as Bb. Pilipinas-Miss Universe and the rest is history.

As she was called in for final questioning for the Miss Universe pageant and as one of the top 10 finalists, everyone is at the edge of their seats. Judge number 2 William Baldwin, one of the foreign actors asked the question to Miss Venus, "What is the one big mistake you've made in your life and what did you do to correct it?". And Miss Venus answered "You know what, sir, in my 22 years of existence, I can say that there's nothing major, major, I mean, problem that I've done in my life because I'm very confident with my family, with the love that they are giving to me. So, thank you so much that I'm here. Thank you, thank you so much!". That lead her to 4th runner-up Miss Universe 2010. Even though Miss Mexico is the winner of the title Miss Universe 2010, Miss Venus Raj is the much talked about contestant in the said pageant.

Because of the word "Major Major" that she said, she became world wide famous as of this writing. Hmmmm... it means no big deal? bonggang bongga? Because she's nervous, she just spilled the words that came first into her mind to answer the question. I know the feeling how it is to answer a question when you are nervous.. Congrats Venus! Filipino people are proud of you! Mabuhay!

You can see her Facebook Fan page here

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Remembering Marky...

A year have passed.. I still remember him. I'm not an avid fan but I like the way he groove and move to the beat. A mysterious death caused thousands of his fans asking what had happened to him. Today marks a year of Marky Cielo's passing. I was browsing the Internet and checking if there are news or writings to mark this day for Marky but I could not find one. Even, the number one entertainment portal do not have any article to mark one year of Marky's passing. I hope he is not yet forgotten by the people. Let us not forget to pray for him. May he rest now in peace and the angels guide and welcome him to the kingdom of God.

Here are some of his videos:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thank you and Farewell to the Mother of Democracy

As I write this entry, Kris Aquino, daugther of the late Former President Corazon "Cory" Aquino has just finished her message to the Filipino People. There is saddness all over the nation today. Even the heavens is at mourn because it is raining outside and I hope that later the sun would come out and renew the hope of every Filipino people. There are thousands of people in the streets of Metro Manila, Philippines. Especially near the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros were the last mass for the late Tita Cory is about to finish as I write this entry. Yes, it is a national holiday today in the Philippines but it's a day of mourn and saddness. Now that Tita Cory is moving on and going back to Lords kingdom in heaven, I don't know if there will be someone in the future that would be like Tita Cory but what I'm sure that she is one of a kind. An icon, a star that would always shine in the hearts of every Filipino in every Nation. It's not easy to let her go but it's time. This is God's time. I hope the coming generation will somehow to get to know her through books and the faster growing technology of the internet. She will not be forgotten, not at all. She is the one and only mother of democracy and mother of the Filipino people. It's not goodbye, for she will be there up above the heavens looking down to every Filipinos. Another Angel and Mother of all looking through.

As her casket exits the Manila Cathedral, people were clapping and shouting "Cory! Cory! Cory!"

This is how I want to picture her in my mind, forever. Until then Tita Cory...

To know more about Former Philippine President Corazon C. Aquino click here

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Philippines in Mourn.. Thank you Tita Cory...

I was still at work when the news broke. Former President Corazon C. Aquino died this morning 3:18am PST at the Makati Medical Center. She died at her sleep due to cardio-respiratory arrest. She is battling colon cancer for 1 year and 4 months. Her remains will be brought to Heritage Park and funeral service in La Salle Greenhills. Another icon died this year. Let us pray for her. It is a sad morning here in the Philippines. May our former president Cory rest in peace and rejoin her late husband Benigno "Ninoy" Aguino. This August 21 is the death anniversary of Ninoy.

Former President Cory Aquino led the people of the Philippines to democracy in the Edsa People Power Revolution in 1986. I was only a kid at that time and I remembered I was jumping for joy because it was declared no classes at that time. I was not aware of the events during those times. She was a symbol of hope during her time as the president of the Philippines. Color Yellow is her trade mark with the "L" sign or Laban sign . Up to her last strength, she showed the people that she cares for the country and her faith gave her strength. She is the very first woman president not only in the Philippines but in the whole Asia. And she changed the Philippine Constitution of 1987 and the start of democracy in the Philippine after the Marcos regime. February 25, 1986, Cory Aquino pledged as the first woman president of the Philippines. Her term as the president lasted until 1993. Let us pay tribute to Tita Cory by remembering what she did for our country, her contribution and faith. My condolences to the Cojuangco and Aquino Family.

Former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino
January 25, 1933 - August 1, 2009

My grandmother, mother of my father, died too because of colon cancer in August 30, 2002. It was a year and 7 months battle for my grandmother. She too died in her sleep. I'm not bragging, but, my late grandmother almost looks-like the late Tita Cory.

As of 7:45am, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who is currently at Washington D.C. for her visit to President Barrack Obama, gave her message on national television for the late former President Cory Aquino. She said that, Cory Aquino is the leader of Filipino Democracy. Also President Gloria declared a 10 day period of National Mourning.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Watch your Health!

Last week I received an email from one of my colleagues at work. I opened the email and saw that it is about a Chinese doctor who survived Lung Cancer. As I go along reading, it is about living a healthy lifestyle. That medicines are not always a way to cure ones sickness. It also about Dr. Tom Wu's book about health. I can't understand the title of the book because it is in Chinese but the email said that it is about 100 ways to stay healthy and eating what is right. I got interested on the topic and researched further and there is an online article I found dated April 2006. The title of the article is Let Medicine be Your Food and Food be Your Medicine - Hippocrates. It talks about healing and staying healthy the natural way and not other people are currently doing like taking pills to stay fit and taking advantage of the new technology.

Dr. Tom Wu
Photo from the Internet

Reading further on the email I have received, Dr Wu's principle is to strengthen the immune system, and avoid medication as much as possible. In his book, he offers the following guidelines to good health:

1. Have at least three bowel movements a day.

Other health experts may advise one bowel movement a day, but Dr Wu says that's not enough. You need three to four bowel movements a day in order to excrete all the accumulated feces from your intestine. Your liver will not be overburdened and it also helps reduce cholesterol in your body.

2. Drink at least three glasses of fruit or vegetable smoothies each day.

This is a way to ingest enough phytochemicals to strengthen the body's cells and immune system. Use not only the flesh, but also the skin and seeds of fruits and vegetables to make smoothies, as they are rich in phytochemicals. Most of the fruit seeds have small amounts of cyanide which kill bacteria and viruses without damaging the body.

Actually the recommended smoothie diet is six glasses a day, two in the morning, one before lunch, two more in the afternoon, and one more before dinner. However, if that's too much, you may start with three glasses a day. Use a high powered blender (at least three horsepower) as it can release phytochemicals from the fibre. It's best to choose sour fruits like green or red apples, grapes, pineapples, kiwi and lime.

3. Sunbathe 30 minutes daily.

We often hear that the Sun's UV rays will damage our skin, and many people apply sunblock before going out. But Dr Wu says the opposite. He says the UV rays will help convert cholesterol underneath the skin into vitamin A which helps moisten the skin and
prevent skin cancer, and also vitamin D that helps prevent colds, osteoporosis, and certain kinds of cancer.

"Therefore, use the Sun. Expose yourself to sunlight about one-half hour a day, at noon or another appropriate time based on your local climate. The Sun will make you healthier," says Dr Wu.

4. Exercise 30 minutes a day.

Don't exercise for more than 30 minutes. If you go beyond that, your body will be overworked. "If you do it more than half an hour, that will become labour, not exercise. Your heart and your body will be working too hard," he says.

5. Shower with hot, then cold water.

Try an alternating cold and hot water shower: Three minutes of hot water followed by 30 seconds of cold water, then repeat twice more. This process will bring a rush of blood and energy to your body. It helps increase your immune system, blood circulation, and metabolism.

6. Drink a lot of water, in the correct way.

How much water you need to drink each day depends on your specific situation. If your office is air-conditioned, drinking six glasses of water a day is enough. If your work involves lots of walking, you have to drink 8-10 glasses a day. If you work under the hot sun, then 10-12 glasses of water are required.

The way you drink is also important. The correct way is to sip it little by little, to give your body cells time to absorb the water. If you drink the whole glass down at once, your cells can't absorb it all, and the water will be excreted as urine.

7. Eat according to your blood type.

Your blood type determines what you should eat. Eating the wrong foods will make you sick.

People with blood type O have to eat a certain amount of meat. If they eat only vegetables for a long time, their body won't absorb all the substances they need to strengthen their immune system. The recommended diet for this group is 75% vegetables, 10% fruits, 10% meat, seafood and goat's milk (avoid cow's milk), and 5% grains.

People with blood type A, however should avoid milk and meat, while increasing grains and fruits. People with blood type B should also avoid meat, while those with blood type AB should avoid chicken and beef.

8. Eat according to your biological clock.

Every human being has a biological clock that tells us when to eat, sleep, and wake up. If you don't follow your biological clock, the organs will lose their balance. Toxins and wastes won't be excreted from your body, and soon you'll get sick.

According to Dr Wu, the biological clock is divided into three phases.

From 4am to noon is the time for bowel movements, so in the morning you should eat foods with lots of fibre. Fruit and vegetable smoothies are recommended.

From noon to 8pm, your body will absorb food so lunch is the most important meal. A vegetable salad with grains is recommended. Fish or boiled eggs can be added to your lunch. Avoid meat at dinner as the amino acids in the meat will disturb your sleep. Try to finish dinner by 6pm.

From 8pm to 4am, the nutrients and energy from food will be distributed throughout your body organs. The golden time for your sleep is between 10pm and 2am, as your immune and self-healing system will function at its best.

Dr Wu says people get sick because they eat the wrong foods. Fried food, for example, causes blockage in the arteries, bad circulation, cholesterol, and heart disease. "Instead of taking a cholesterol lowering drug, I would urge them to stop eating greasy food. My suggestion is to eat clean food, which is high in phytochemicals," he says.

Phytochemicals are natural cleansing agents that will help rid plaque from your arteries. They come from natural foods such as vegetables, fruits with their seeds, and common garden herbs. Phytochemicals will nourish the body's cells so they can fight against any foreign substances that invade your body.

With those mentioned above, I think it's time that we check what we eat on a daily basis and somehow be cautious of what we take in.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Time Traveller's Wife (2009)

After P.S. I Love You shown in the big screen, here comes The Time Traveller's Wife. Be ready for another romantic film that will get you goose bumps once again. This is another bestseller novel put in the big screen.

The book and movie is about
Henry DeTamble (born 1963), a librarian at the Newberry Library in Chicago, and his wife, Clare Abshire (born 1971), an artist who makes paper sculptures. Henry has a rare genetic disorder, which comes to be known as Chrono-Displacement, that causes him to involuntarily travel through time. When 20-year-old Clare meets 28-year-old Henry at the Newberry Library in 1991 at the opening of the novel, he has never seen her before, although she has known him most of her life.

Starring Eric Bana as Henry Detamble and Rachel McAdams as Claire Abshire. I know that this story can be somehow tiring because it's waiting and waiting for the one you love to get back to you. In the story, you won't know when your love one will return to you after disappearing over and over again. But patience is still a virtue. Adventure, romance, drama and science fiction all rolled into this movie showing this August 14, 2009. Check out the trailer.

Question is, will you also do the same and wait for the one you love?

Video credit: hitfixcom

Monday, July 20, 2009

Salad anyone?

Yesterday after I got off from work I craved for salad. For my stomach and taste buds are telling me that I had enough meat and meat and meat for the whole week. Since there are lots of salads or should I say "types" or "kinds" of salad, I don't know which one I want to have. I usually eat Chef salad at Shakey's. I like salted eggs but not too much of that on my Chef salad. Too much of everything is bad for everyone's health. Yeah talk about of too much I need to get back in shape. Yeah I know your asking why I said that wherein if your reading my blog, you will read that I am playing lawn tennis. Well, weather here in the Philippines is not good lately. In the morning it rains and in the afternoon Mr. Sunny is way up high with all might light... then vice versa. With this kind of weather, even a kid can't go out and play. This is the scenario almost everyday and with that almost all my colleague are still going to work with colds, cough and a bit of flu. My colleague that I am sitting next to for the past week, until now, is coughing and she said that her throat is itchy. I just hope I won't catch any of those at work.

All right, salad salad salad, that's what I want to eat. When you say Salad, it contains lots of veggies especially green leafy lettuce. But I am wondering if there is another meaning for Salad so I checked Wikipedia and saw that the term Salad originated as the common name for schizophasia, a symptom of various mental illnesses. Schizophasia produces language that is not meaningful and might or might not be grammatical. "Salad" indicates that the words are tossed together randomly. Weird meaning for me but it is good for me. Ironic?

So I went to Shakey's one of my favorite restaurant, and checked their menu under salad and my eyes caught "Mandarin Salad
". Hmmm.. I've never tried this one before. So I ordered Mandarin Salad with Honey Mustard dip and here it is..

The salad contains fresh green crunchy leafy lettuce, shredded carrots, minced cucumber, whole corn and ofcourse when you say Mandarin, there is the orange. Sliced sweet mandarin oranges on the salad. It is healthy, refreshing and sweet!

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