Monday, June 30, 2008

Everybody's Drink...

I am beginning to watch what I eat and drink because let's face it, I not getting younger. LOL! I don't want to take medicines at an early age that will lower this and that and to avoid eating or taking this and that. Aside from playing outdoor sports (yes, I started to play again one of my favorite sports), I also need to watch what I eat and drink. I am becoming a water drinker too or what they call water therapy. I make it a point that I drink at least 1 to 2 liters of water a day. All of this I don't do at all previously but I am beginning to feel signs of aging. Here is some that I have found out about Drinks with High Calories, Fat, Sugar Content.

Your favorite beverage may be just as diet-wrecking as fatty fast food, adding calories, sugar and fat and offering little or no nutritional value. Watch out for these drink shockers that will tip you closer to the F.D.A. and U.S.D.A. recommended daily limits for calories (2,000), fat (65 grams) and added sugar (40 grams) a day. Added sugars means any sugar not found naturally within the food, so look out for ingredients like sugar, maple syrup, honey, corn syrup and molasses, says Bonnie Taub-Dix, MA, RD, CDN, and national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association (ADA).

Size: 20 oz bottle Calories: 125 Fat: 0 g Sugars: 35 g
Sure, the bottle says it has 50 calories per serving, but a regular-sized Gatorade includes 2 servings, making it nearly as caloric as a typical soft drink. You don't need a bottle of Gatorade every time you go for a walk, but this drink is a great thirst and energy quencher for longer or more intense workouts.

I usually take Gatorade when I play sports or when I did not have a chance to take in at least 1 liter of water for the day.

Godiva Milk Chocolate Mocha
Size: 9.5 fl oz Calories: 200 Fat: 3.5 g Sugars: 35 g
If you thought this coffee drink would be better than a soda, think again. It's packed with sugar and has around as many calories as a can of soda.
*Calories per Ounce: About 21
Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Bean Coolatta
Size: 16 fl oz Calories: 500 Fat: 17 g Sugars: 82 g
If you've got to have a Coolatta, order the Coffee Coolatta with skim milk which has 170 calories, no fat and less than half the sugar that the Vanilla Bean flavor.
*Calories per Ounce: About 31

Starbucks Frappuccino Blended Crème, Double Chocolate Chip Crème (without whipped cream)
Size: Venti, 24 fl oz Calories: 550 Fat: 11 g Sugars: 79 g
By adding whipped cream this drink becomes even more shocking with an extra 120 calories and 11 fat grams.
*Calories per Ounce: About 23
Everybody loves Starbucks and people that are nocturnal like me, cannot get to work without having one.

Wendy's Chocolate Twisted Frosty with M&M's
Size: 16 oz Calories: 560 Fat: 19 g Sugars: 72 g
Yes, this drink is a little lighter on all counts than a McFlurry, but you'd still be better off ordering a chocolate or vanilla Frosty in the junior or small sizes. You'd save 250 to 410 calories and 11 to 15 grams of fat.
*Calories per Ounce: 35

McDonald's McFlurry with M&M's candies
Size: 12 oz Calories: 620 Fat: 20 g Sugars: 85 g
When it comes to calories, this drink is about the equivalent of one meal. Plus, you better watch your sugar intake for the rest of the day.
*Calories per Ounce: About 52

Hershey's Chocolate Milk
Size: 1 cup, or 8 fl oz Calories: 270 Fat: 5 g Sugars: 45 g
Just one serving of this milk contains 33 more grams of sugar than regular low-fat milk, or nearly all the added sugar you should have in one day. Make this an occasional treat, not a once or twice-a-day habit.
*Calories per Ounce: 33.75

Red Bull
Size: 8.3 oz can Calories: 110 Fat: 0 g Sugars: 27 g
This drink contains more than half the sugar you should have in one day. Plus, do you really want to use 110 of your 2,000 calories on something you can drink in about 10 seconds?
*Calories per Ounce: About 13
Although I no longer drink Red Bull "when I need it", I found an alternate drink to this, it's the Sting Energy Drink by Pepsi Bottling Company.
I don't drink or eat all of those I have mentioned above but I know those are mostly what people I think takes with them on their daily food intake. It's better to watch one's health now than be sorry later.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


For years they were friends. He has waited for this woman to be part of his life and finally the woman became his...

He tried to give all his best and love to the special woman that ever light up his life and made his day complete...
Day in and day out, they are always together and never apart...

But lately, he is starting to feel that something is missing and cannot point out what or which...

Even if they are living together, things are starting not to be the same when they first started out...

He made sure that the woman of his life is being well taken care of ...
But somehow the woman let's him feel that she wants to leave him and he is wondering why it is like this...

From the beginning of their relationship, he already assured the woman that he would take care of her no matter what...
And yet the woman made him feel that things are no longer complete with him...

Well we do not know what will happen next...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Learning... Reviewing...

I know some are too techie that they are already using computer terms that you cannot relate to. Sometimes you are chatting with a techie person and suddenly told you about a techie word that you never heard before. I am not too techie myself. If I will rate myself of how much techie I am and 10 being the highest... I am a 7. I was reviewing my basic computer the whole night and I was in gasp because I have forgotten them. Thanks to the internet, I can research and find what I need because I really need them. It's been awhile since I last looked at the inside of a computer, that I know not all, knows what's inside their computers.

Here is what I was reviewing the whole night and now I am sleepy, LOL!

Above in the middle is the case of the computer with it's part (sorry I can't get more clearer view of the labels). Then below, on the left and right are the parts of the motherboard.

The computer just like the human body has it's parts for it to operate well. There you go, that's what inside of a computer.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

5 megapixel phone

I was checking what's new about mobile phones. I was thinking, every month almost 10 new models of mobile phones come out of the market eventhough they are not yet being sold or launch internationally. I am now thinking of not yet buying a new mobile phone since every now and then a new model comes out. What if you bought a new model and then the next week, a new and more improved model than the one you just bought last week just released in the market. That's bum huh! Well, I was snooping around and checking what is new in the mobile phone industry. I'm not surprise that there is another new phone that's gonna be out internationally but what surprises me is the it has a feature of 5 megapixel camera on it! It is almost clear shot as a Samsung or Sony digicam.

So Sony Ericson Cybershot phones, watch out, there is a new phone in town that will double your capacity to shoot clear photos. And here it is...

Motorola ZN5

Hints of Motorola's new MOTOZINE series of devices have gone back as far as last year, but yesterday marked the first time that Moto's officially spilled any beans on the goods. The headlining feature on the first model, the ZN5 candybar, lies on the backside: a 5-megapixel sensor courtesy of a partnership with Kodak, featuring autofocus, a xenon flash, image stitching, and on-device integration with Kodak Gallery. Otherwise, you get Wi-Fi (score), Motorola's so-called "ModeShift" technology for morphing the keypad depending on device mode (a la the E8), and a run-of-the-mill quad-band GSM radio with EDGE. China's the first country to get the hookup starting next month, but Moto expects to take the ZN5 on a world tour over the course of the remainder of the year.

Lucky for China they will be the first one to use this new digitaly improved camera phone. Let's just watch for it here in the Philippines.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Listening...

I have always been a fan of music. Different types, different genre... The songs I would like to hear depends on my mood. Up-beat to slow music. Lately, I am being burdened by problems that I didn't expect that would come. But that's life and problems are there... part of one's living. As I was thinking of a way to resolve my problems, I also think of a way to soothe and relieve myself from stress. I usually put my MP3 player and listen to the music I wish to hear that is downloaded. But I have already forwarded and forwarded the songs on my MP3 but nothing soothes and relieved me. And then I remember a song that my bestfriend listens to in her office when office hours is done for the day. When I first heard the song, I felt relaxed and relieved. Also the title of the song, relates to why do I have this problems now, well, I "don't know why". So tonight before I lay myself to sleep, I opened my computer and looked for the song on the internet because it is not yet downloaded on my MP3 player. I want to share the song to you, yes you... so here is the song. I hope you will feel relaxed and relieved too, enjoy =)

Dont Know Why - Norah Jones

Just love the melody of the song...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cool Phones!

Here are some cool phones that are out this summer time in the United States. Some of these phones might hit the Philippine Market. Well... I do not know when. But you might have seen one at the mall or a cellphone retailer store. Mobile Phones or Cellphones, they say are the trendy fashion of Gadgets and Technology. Here are some of the cool phones....

LG Glimmer
This new slider phone from LG has a large 2.8-inch touchscreen and a touch keypad that provides vibration feedback. It's a sturdy phone with a multi-file format music player, 2-MP camera, GPS capability, stereo Bluetooth, and high-speed EV-DO data.

HTC Touch Dual
The two million unit-selling HTC Touch has been updated with a slide-down keyboard, giving you the option of touch diling or typing. The 20-key layout is much easier to use than the stylus while messaging, but the convenient touch swipes makes navigating menues on the 2.6" display quite speedy. The HTC Home Screen allows for quick viewing of your info. With a 2-MP camera, microSD, and HSDPA/Wi-Fi data, this Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone is an excellent device.

Motorola ROKR E8
Motorola's new ROKR E8 music phone includes ModeShift technology, which allows the phone to only display the touch controls you need, when you need them. In music mode, you'll see the typical nav buttons (play/pause, stop, skip, etc.). While viewing pictures, you'll see zoom controls. When making calls, the normal dial keypad reappears. The E8 touchpad provides good tactile feel, and the FastScroll wheel makes navigation a breeze.

Nokia N78
The Nokia N78 is a stylish (and unlocked) phone with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and GPS functionality. The phone automatically geotags the photos you take, allowing you to see the capture location within a map on the phone, or online. You can also wirelessly upload your photos to Flickr.

I think this Nokia N78 is already out here in Philippines. I think it cost around Php 20K.

Instinct by Samsung
Samsung's latest "iPhone killer" offers a compelling touch interface with 3G connectivity. It is also the first consumer phone to have EV-DO capability with access to Sprint's multimedia services and web browser. You can customize the screen menu to have easy access to contacts, Sprint TV, or your favorite website. You can download songs wirelessly and access turn-by-turn driving directions via TeleNav.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Keyboard that warns users when it is dirty could banish hospital superbugs

I was doing my daily browsing on the internet and at the same time looking for a topic to post here. I'm a bit techie so I browse for something new about gadgets and technology. And then this article caught my attention, really caught my attention because I use the keyboard everyday and I am not the only one that is using it. I want to share this article for your own safety and health.

Health chiefs are spending £1 million on the latest weapon against superbugs - "infection-resistant" computer keyboards.
Experts at University College London Hospital (UCLH) have developed a keyboard which is easier to clean than conventional designs.It also includes an alarm to warn staff when it needs cleaning.
The flat silicone keyboards will be rolled out in hospitals across England, and it is hoped they will save the NHS millions cut rates of MRSA (MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. See sources below for more information) by 10 per cent.

A red light flashes when the medigenic keyboard needs to be cleaned. This turns off after it has been wiped down
Microbiologist Dr Peter Wilson helped develop the keyboard. Just last month he found the average keyboard was five times dirtier than a toilet seat. Swabs taken from office and hospital desks revealed 150 times the recommended limit for bacteria.
"Should somebody have a cold in your office, or even have gastroenteritis, you're very likely to pick it up from a keyboard," the professor said.
The NHS spends more than £1.6 billion a year on combating superbugs.
There has been a huge drive to encourage nurses and doctors to wash their hands between examining patients but a persistent problem is staff spreading infection by touching keyboards, picking up bacteria and then transferring this to other surfaces.
Research by microbiologists at UCLH has shown bacterial levels on the new style keyboards fall by 70 per cent if they are cleaned every 12 hours.
UCLH microbiologist Dr Peter Wilson, who helped invent the keyboard, said: "Doctors and nurses were going from patient to keyboard without washing their hands.
"That's quite understandable because you would wash your hands between patients but not between a patient and a keyboard."
Traditional keyboards are high-risk areas in hospitals because they can harbour bacteria and cannot be cleaned with water or fluids.
Keyboard covers are also to blame for spreading infection because they are rarely cleaned so hospital workers who use them spread potentially lethal bacteria.
The new type of computer keyboard has hidden sensors to make sure its surfaces are cleaned properly with alcohol wipes.
Manufactured by American company Esterline and distributed by British firm Advanced Power Components, it has incorporated a warning light system that activates every three or 12 hours.
The keyboard is also covered with a hypo-allergenic material resistant to bacterial growth.

Be sure that you clean your computer keyboard before using it because you might not know what's in between those keys.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

On International Album...

As I have previously written, Aiza Seguerra is now taking her career in the music industry to greater heights as her 10th Album will go International. In the earlier quarter of this year, a singaporean production will produce Aiza's 10th album and it will cater Asian countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

The album is created here in the Philippines and it included Bonus tracks like the Tagalog version of Para Lang Sa'yo and the songs I'll be There For You and Persistent Rain.

The songs included in Aiza's tenth album (and her first international album) are "Open Arms," Vincent," "I Can't Make You Love Me," "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "Smooth Operator," "At Last," "Time After Time," "Home," and "Journey."

The singaporean production released the album on, June 17, but Open Arms will be available here in the Philippines by July.

Another Filipino making another milestone in the Philippine music scene.

Proud to be Pinoy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love to hear it...

Just want to share this song. It may sound not too good to you when it comes to pertaining to a relationship because of the lyrics. To me it sound good both the lyrics and the beat of the song. For me it's having your partner or special someone to be always beside when you need him/her the most. What if someday he/she goes away and the feeling is like you cannot breathe and the world turns it's back on you. Nevertheless, there is hope in every relationship. Closing your door to an ended relationship will not help you to move on. Instead, look at what's in store for you in the future. Life is only one, there is still someone out there for you. If there isn't, better live your life to the fullest and have faith in HIM.

Here is the song "How do I breath" by Mario, check it out:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taking personal videos

I was looking for a gadget were in I could easily capture videos and at the same time I could upload it on my computer to share it but it will not cost me $200 or Php 10,0000. I know that camcorders or video cameras are expensive and I cannot afford them. Also they are bulky and I cannot bring it where ever I go. So I did a bit of researching on the Internet and here is what I have found out.

The Flip Video Ultra with it's pure digital upgraded design, video quality, viewing LCD, and software of its lightweight video camera that makes it very easy to capture and share low-resolution video via e-mail and the web; Also that there's now one-touch video uploading to YouTube and AOL Video and that the Ultra is compatible with Macs. Price range is $115.47 to $149.99 or it cost about Php 4,965 to 6,449 (dollar rate at Php 43). Isn't it amazing?

However, No SD/MMC card expansion slot, don't expect video quality to match that of a MiniDV camcorder's. The Muvee editing features only work with PCs, not Macs. But the bottom line here is with improved video quality, a slightly trimmer design, and upgraded software package, the Flip Video Ultra is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the emerging low-end digital camcorder category.

Here is the Specifications:

Effective Sensor Resolution: 5.6 megapixels
Optical Sensor Size: 1/4 in
Optical Sensor Type: CMOS
Analog Video Format: NTSC
Digital Vidoe Format: MPEG-4
White Balance: Automatic

Camcorder Effective Still Resolution 0.31 megapixels Color Support Color TV Tuner None Video Capture MPEG-4 - 640 x 480 - 3600 sec Memory / StorageFlash Memory 2 GB Flash - Integrated (soldered memory - 2 GB ) Floppy Drive None Media Type Flash card Lens SystemType Lens - F/2.4 Lens Aperture F/2.4 Lens system type Lens Focus Adjustment Focus free Min Focus Range 31.5 in Zoom Adjustment Additional Features Built-in speaker, Tripod mountable, In-camera movie editing Software Drivers & Utilities Included Accessories Wrist strap ViewfinderViewfinder Type None DisplayType LCD display - LCD passive matrix - 1.5 in - Color MicrophoneType Microphone - Built-in ConnectionsConnector Type 1 x USB, 1 x Composite video/audio output Audio InputAudio input type Microphone Microphone type Built-in Microphone Operation Mode Mono Microphone Technology Electret condenser System Requirements for PC Connection Operating System Support MS Windows XP, Apple Mac OS X, MS Windows Vista Miscellaneous Carrying Case Pouch Cables Included 1, 1 x A/V cable PowerPower Device None Battery type - Alkaline BatterySupported Battery 2 x AA ( Included ) Viewfinder / DisplayDisplay Form Factor Built-in Display Format 70,000 pixels Physical Characteristics Width 2.2 in Depth 1.3 in Height 4.2 in

Watch the demo video of the Flip Video Ultra.

I do not know yet if it is already available here in the Philippines. If you find one here in the Philippines, ping me. LOL!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Meaning of Rose Colors

Here is a follow up on the previous blog I have written some days ago. Roses can speak for you. Find out more what they are saying...

RED roses show love, passion and respect. Red roses of any color say "I love you"; deep red roses imply unconscious beauty.
PINK roses communicate happiness, appreciation, admiration, friendship, sympathy.

LIGHT PINK roses denote grace, joy, gentility and admiration.

DARK PINK roses are to singnify thankfullness.

LAVENDER symbolizes love at first sight and enchantment.

WHITE roses signify spiritual love and purity; but of the soul; bridal white means happy love. White roses can also signify secrecy reverence humility, innocence, or charm.

YELLOW shows "I care"; friendship, joy, gladness or freedom.

CORAL roses imply desire.

PEACH roses indicate modesty.

ORANGE display a feeling of enthusiasm, desire and fascination.

WHITE and RED roses mixed together signify unity.

RED and YELLOW rose together say "Congratulations!"

YELLOW and ORANGE in combination imply passionate thoughts.

Delicate and Beautiful, the rose is the principal messenger of love.

A single rose denotes "I still Love you".

Two Roses of any color taped or wired together signify a commitment or forthcoming marriage.

In general, pale-colored roses signify friendship.
12 Roses - Gratitude
25 Roses - Congratulations
50 Roses - Unconditional Love
With roses and flowers there are no limitations as to what can be expressed. The colors and aromas of the different types of roses all have their unique place the history of human expression. Knowing the specific meaning of a rose only enhances the experience of sending and receiving rose and flower bouquets.


Since I was born, my father makes it a point that everything and anything that I needed he provides. Not to the point that I am being spoiled but he just gives what I really needed. Even now that I'm all grown up and on my own (not most of the time), he still checks and ask if I needed anything. I practically still live with my parents and being eldest of the 3 siblings, I also look after my parents. Tatay, as we all call him, looks after not only me but also my siblings including my mother.

Tatay taught me how to ride a bike, drive a car and play the guitar. He also taught me that even if I have friends to be with, I will always come back to the family were I belong and they will always be there no matter what, even if friends leave me. I do not know what I will give Tatay this father's day because he is not a material type of person. I might bring him pizza, he loves to eat. Tatay has always been simple and responsible since his childhood days. He passes to us what our Lolo taught him when he was our age (siblings and me).

Tatay cooks and do the laundry whenever Mama cannot do it. Also goes to the market and buy things that we need. He loves to experiment on food that he will cook for us. I love the food that he cooks, it's really delicious. I miss my late Lolo (Tatay's father). I did not get the chance to meet my Mama's father because he died due to sickness when Mama was still a kid.

Nevertheless, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Daddy, Dad, Papa, Tatay, Itay, Pappy and whatever you call your father. =)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

An International Album

I have been a fan of different genre of music, from pop to ballad, hiphop to new wave and also acoustic. I grew up hearing John Denver, Bee Gees and The Bread because my Father has those old 45's and old song books that he kept in his cabinet. Sometimes I borrow them and check the old song books that he had since his high school days. I started listening to acoustic when I was in high school. From the old 45's, we have now CD's and DVD's. The first album I saw in CD is the Cruisin' set. I really love listening to the Cruisin' Album. It takes me back to the old days. Music has been my inspiration and it makes me feel uplifted when I listen to the songs that would make me forget the negative things that the day gave me. I play guitar a bit and sing a bit. But dancing is really my forte as I have wrote down on my previous blog.

In the Philippine Music scene, I admire Aiza Seguerra for singing and remakes once again the songs from The Bread and the old acoustic songs. It's been like 9 albums that Aiza Seguerra has already launched. Now that the music industry is growing, she is given a chance to do an International Album under the production of S2S Singapore. It is a Singaporean company. Aiza is currently the artist of Star Records and according to Aiza, the artists under Star Records sends samples of their artists' songs that are being released here in the Philippines to the S2S company. Lucky for Aiza, the company chose her to do an International Album. This will be Aiza's 10th album and it is an International album. According to source, Aiza already did a mini-concert for the Singaporean audience to know her and her songs. The album will consists of 10 songs.

They do not know when will the album be released here in the Philippines. Let's just wait for it.

New Laptop.. soon on the Market

I was checking on the latest news about Gadgets and guess what is new, check this one. Dell has come out of a new laptop to beat the Apple Macbook Air. For those who are not familiar of the Macbook Air, this is the laptop that Apple released in Quarter 1 and it can fit a standard size brown envelope and can be carried where ever you may go. That is how small a Macbook Air looks. But watch out Macbook Air, a new mini-notebook has come out. They are the Dell E and Dell E Slim.

The 8.9-inch device will come in three versions, and there will be a “Dell E Slim” notebook with a 12.1-inch display and a chassis just 0.8-inches thick. Pricing for the Dell E will begin at $299, making for a potentially convincing argument against the Eee PC 901 or MSI’s Wind.
The three versions will be the E Classic, with 4GB flash-based storage and 512MB of RAM, the E Video, which bumps storage to 8GB and RAM to 1GB, and the E Video+ which takes storage to 12GB. All are powered by Intel’s 1.6GHz Diamondville CPU, have a WSVGA display and WiFi b/g. The latter two models add a webcam, while the Video+ also has Bluetooth. Each machine apparently comes with Linux and Windows XP, though there’s some discussion as to whether the Linux OS is a simple quick-boot option rather than a full-blown OS.

Meanwhile, the E Slim will come in two versions, the basic E Slim - with a 1.3GHz SLT processor, 1GB of RAM and a 40GB 1.8-inch HDD - and the E Slim+. The latter gets a faster 1.6GHz CPU, doubles RAM to 2GB, adds Bluetooth and gets 60GB of storage.

To provide you the comparison of the two in details:

Dell E

8.9 inch (1024×600)Intel 1.6 GHz Diamondville4, 8, 12GB Flash Drives512MB to 1GB DDR2 RAM0.3 megapixel cameraWiFi, Bluetooth, WiMax, WWAN4-cell battery (~5 hours)Linux or Windows XP~2.2 lbs (1kg)

Dell E Slim

12.1″ (1280×800)Intel Atom 1.3GHz & 1.6GHz (Silverthorne)8GB Flash or 40/60GB HDD1GB to 2GB DDR2 RAM0.3 megapixel cameraWiFi, Bluetooth, WiMax, WWAN3-6 cell battery (~4.5 to 9 hours)Linux or Windows XP2.6lbs

Availability is expected to be August for the E, with the E Slim coming in August or September; the original models will be followed by versions with WWAN and WiMAX options. Dell also plan a second wave of updated devices in Q2 2009.

Not yet sure when it will be released here in the Philippines but the wait is worth for the Gadget and Technology fans out there.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Words are not enough...

Some people express what they feel through words. They simply tell the person what they feel or wanted to say. But I'm not like that. I feel that words are not enough to express how much I feel for the person either a friend, family or my partner. I strongly believe in "Actions Speaks louder than Words". Aside from giving a small note, letter or sending SMS(text message) to the person, I also send or bring Roses not only occasionally. Yes, a Rose or bunch of Roses can do that talking for you. Especially if you are the one who chose the arrangement of the roses or you are the one who chose a stalk of a Rose to be given to the person that you love or adore to tell how much that person mean to you.

To better understand the Rose or it's meaning, here are the language of Roses:

Red roses have always meant love-deep, passionate, ever lasting love. White roses symbolize purity and brightness

Pink roses have several messages, depending on the shade. Deep pink roses symbolize gratitude and respect, while light pink roses show sympathy. Yellow roses on the other hand symbolize friendship and caring, while Orange roses symbolize new beginnings,

The more exotic rose colors also have meanings. For example, Green roses represent fertility while Blue roses are symbol of mystery and intrigue. Purple roses signify enchantment and love at first sight. Black roses, not surprisingly, represent death, and perhaps more surprisingly, new beginnings.

It's not just the colors of roses that speak volumes; it's also the way they are presented.If you receive a bouquet of unopened roses, it is a symbol of youth and innocent love. If they are all white, someone is telling you they love you but you are too young. A mix of red and pink buds means you are youthful and beautiful. If you receive a fully opened rose with two rosebuds, someone has a secret! If you receive a red rose and several yellow roses, you are being invited to join in the fun! A crown of roses symbolizes virtue and is often used at weddings as such, especially in the Greek Orthodox religion. Even the leaves of a rose have a message. They symbolize hope and optimism.

For me, it is nice to give roses instead of receiving one... It feels great too!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

$199 only and brand new... WHOA!!

It was my day off last Tuesday and I was watching "News on Q" on QTV channel 11. I was about to prepare going to sleep when I heard on television that Apple will release it's new i-phone 3G which only cost $199 or 8,557php(rate at 43pesos per dollar) and I just said "WHOA! Are they sure??". The first i-phone that apple released in 2006 "I think" cost $399 and now they are selling the brand new one just $199? Talking about a phone that has 3G and it's cheap!

Apple will be selling these phones $199 including in the Philippines. Coming out this July 2008, the iPhone 3G has GPS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and EDGE capabilitly.

The new iPhone 3G will come in two colors and two storage models — black, white, 8GB and 16GB. Still with just 2MP camera and there seems to be no front panel video camera for making 3G calls.

According to the Globe Telecom press release, the Apple iPhone 3G will be available to all post-paid and pre-paid subscribers. It could be as early as July or maybe as late as September of this year.

But of course they will not sell it for 8,557php because they will include taxes and tarriffs and it will end up around Php 13K to 14K. Let's wait for the prices that will come officially from Globe Telecom once July or early September comes...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sleepy head....but still thinking

Just like these dogs, that is how sleepy I am right now. I had only 2 hours of sleep and then get to work on a night shift. My eyes are about to close but I need to stay awake to do my work. I think I am getting to night off mode now because it's my night off for 2 days later. Coffee no longer has effect on me. While I am being sleepy, I am thinking that tomorrow is a legal holiday, no double pay for me huh, LOL! June 12 is Independence day and it's a Thursday. How come they changed it June 9 on a Monday where in the nearest day to a weekend is Friday. Then it should have been moved to Friday and not Monday. I wonder why, I wonder why... hmmmm....

After the holiday tomorrow it will be the start of the school year here and the start of a new week for me. Another week, a new journey for everybody. Goodluck to the students going back to school and to the unsung heroes, our teachers that will take their time, energy, strength, ability and witts to face new and old students to impart knowledge for another school year. Oh Wow! Deep huh?! I miss teaching and my students that I treat as my friends. Classroom set up to Office set up, I may have jumped from one world to another but I still miss teaching. What I miss most of it is applying and imparting knowledge at the same time.

Nevertheless, I still look like this guy .... sleepy.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dance with me....

I have been dancing since I think I was 3 years old. During those times Michael Jackson influenced me a lot. I try to wear clothes like his and even had my hair done like his too. As a kid, I really enjoy dancing especially if many are watching. I remember that when I was 4 to 7 years old, I used to dance at our garage with our neighbors as my audience. And also, my lola's mahjong players, LOL! I always set up our cassette player (cassette tapes are the bomb at those times) and there I go dancing to the beat of Michael Jackson. I learned how to moon walk and a bit of break dancing at age of 8. I even dance in front of our store at Nepo Mart (is like the first local mall here at our city) during those times especially when I hear a music that I like that is being played on the mart's sound system. Then every sales lady near our store will clap and watch me dance impromptu and just following the beat. Some shoppers will also stop and watch me. Until now I am thinking how did I do that without being embarrassed in front of many people that I do not know. Well as a kid, I was only having fun and enjoying when I am dancing. I just dance my heart out and interpret what I feel about the song. This is the last Michael Jackson song that I danced to during the year 2002, I think.

Until now that song let's me nod my head and tap my foot, LOL!

I have been dancing since 3 years old until I was 24yrs old and then I stopped because of work. I really miss dancing especially with some students of mine. Here is another video that I like to look at too. My sister likes Justin Timberlake a lot but me just a bit. I just like to see him move. Check this one

What a dance huh... Can you dance? =)

I did not know youtube yet during those times that I was dancing that is why I did not document the moves that I made.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Baby....

This is my pet Mumbles. She is sometimes makulit and pasaway but nevertheless I love her like a child. These photos were taken last year when I bought her.




Yep she wears diaper whenever she sleeps at our room. She can be a diaper endorser hehehe... By the way, that is not a dog diaper. That is a child's diaper.


Cute huh!



She's wearing diaper again here, a child's diaper. I think she is 6 month's old in this photo.


Her favorite position when she lies down.


Hay, she is sometimes really makulit and pasaway but we still love her. She is also smart. Because she knows how many scoop of dog food that we give her everyday. She gets 2 and half scoop of dog food during the night and 1 and half before she goes to sleeps. If we do not give her the right scoop of dog food, she will just stare at her dog bowl, LOL! And when she is hungry, she just looks at me and licks her mouth. She is house trained and it took all my patience to train her not to pee or poo every where inside the house. She needs to be bathe once a week too. A dog needs to be bathe once a week only. If you bathe a dog twice or more a week their skin will dry out. They shed a lot during cold season because their fur becomes thick and during summer it thins. But if your dog smells not good, better check first the ears of your dog because dogs usually smells bad because the ears are dirty. But sometimes even if the ears of a dog are clean, the dog still smells not good. If that's the case have your dog be checked by a veterinarian. Taking care of a pet and treating them as family is one great feeling especially when you come home tired and stressed out and there is your dog waiting for you at the door and wagging it's tail and excited because you came home =)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

June is here!

The month of June is here! June is the 6th month of the year. I personally remember the month of June because of 3 events that usually happens during this month.

First is going back to school for many Filipino kids, young and old. Education is for everyone. But now that tuition fees increases and because of economic crisis that we are encountering today, only a few can manage to go back to school. It really saddens me when a person has the motivation and enthusiasm to go to school but because of financial problem and financial stability, they can no longer attend school. Yes, there are scholarships that they can take advantage. But today, I seldom hear scholarships because only a few now gives them to those who are eligible. Even college plans are no longer being heard. As economic crisis burdens our country, many will try to look for work in order to survive instead of going to school. My heart really saddens when I see on the television children that are no longer going to school but wants to go to school but cannot due to financial problem. I wonder, what happened to the "pay now, study later" program. I no longer hear that too.

Second, when the month of June comes, June brides rings a bell! Many are planning to have their wedding to take place in the month of June. Hmmm.. I wonder why =)

Before wedlock, the couple needs to attend a seminar to know more about the life of married couple and to also ask themselves if they are really ready to tie the knot. Wedding is also like fiesta where in you need to prepare, really prepare for your guests. There are a lot of things to consider and preparation for a wedding. Of course, the wedding gown and the suit of the groom, the sponsors, brides maid, best man, flower girls and many more. The couple must list things to do in order not to forget even the little detail. Little details still is important in a wedding. And also, wedding now a days is very expensive. If you are planning to have a simple wedding with only family and relatives as your guests that will still cost the couple. I have no idea how much exactly will the wedding and reception will cost but whether it is simple or not, it is still expensive. By the way, if you do not wish to go through the hassle of planning your own wedding just hire a wedding coordinator. Just tell them your concept and what you would like to have for your wedding and they will arrange it for you. Best Wishes to those who are set to have a wedding this June!

And lastly, I remember the Philippine Independence Day... The day that I wish I was there when the Philippine Flag was raised as a sign of freedom and celebration of the Filipino people. Isn't it amazing to be a part of an historical event?

I wonder what do the children of today thinks about the Philippine Independence Day. Just a bit of facts, on June 12, 1898, prior to the formal conclusion of the Spanish-American war, Filipino revolutionary forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the sovereignty and independence of the Philippine Islands from the colonial rule of Spain. The declaration, however, was not recognized by the United States or Spain, and was not generally recognized by other nations. The Spanish government ceded the Philippines to the United States in the 1898 Treaty of Paris, in consideration for an indemnity for Spanish expenses and assets lost.It was really an independence for the Filipino people.

Those are the things that I remember when the month of June comes every year.

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