Saturday, September 27, 2008

Confuse... Bothered... Waiting

Who am I to you?
What am I to you?
Do I have to ask these questions often for me not to confuse myself?
Is it a protocol to ask you these questions whenever I speak with you?
I know that we are bestfriends
And sometimes you have your hang ups, raves and rants
But if we are bestfriends
Do I at least get a warning when you have hang ups?
You get to cut our communication when you have a problem
I tried to get in touch with you but your closing the lines
I understand what you meant last time when you are confuse and have problems
But do I at least get a hint that you have rants?
I understand why you are like this
I know your afraid that you might end up losing another friend
You told me before that you give your all when it comes to friends
But still you end up losing them and they leave you
What I can guarantee you is that you will not lose me
You will have me as your bestfriend no matter what
I'll wait for the time that you will open the lines again
I won't get tired and pray for you my bestfriend... missing you...


Sue said...

hi! I've already accepted you on my messenger, maybe we'll talk later.
I am still at secondary school, last year. And I've got just a new small post, nothing special ;)

Ivy said...

So poignant. Good to see you writing. Putting all those feelings out there.

Keep Writing!

Anonymous said...

nice poem. u wrote it?


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