Friday, November 28, 2008

On Twilight... Have you watched it?

I have watched the movie yesterday afternoon. I was expecting a long line to the ticket booth, but there is no line. I got my tickets in a jiffy and stride my way to SM Clark Cinema 1. I got seats in the upper box so up I went with my partner (in crime LOL!). I got us a bucket of pop corn and a tumbler of fruit shake. There are already many people sitting and waiting for the movie on the upper box. On the lower box, there are not much people seating. I was expecting that it would be a full house. While waiting for the movie to get started, there is a sneak preview of the upcoming movies and one that caught my attention is the Underworld part 2. For the Underworld fans, get ready for the part 2 showing next year.

As the movie is about to start, I heard a kid screaming out loud near where I am seated and that surprised me because the movie is PG13. How did that kid with her mom got into that movie house? She was talking and talking and talking, my golly!! The kid I think is only 5 years old. She was asking so many things to her mother. I'm to shy to tell the kid to keep quiet and her mother is telling her to pipe down but she kept on talking and talking and talking. So I concentrated on watching the movie. The first part or I guess 1/4 of the movie is the same as what is indicated on the book but as the movie went on, there are parts of the book that are not shown on the movie. And not only a few part but a lot of part in the book is not shown on the movie. But I love the part that Edward sneaks in to Bella's room just to watch her sleep and when Edward took Bella to their home to meet his family and when they played baseball.

The cinematography of the movie is great! The screen play, casting, stunts are all great! The movie runs for almost 2 hours and never a dull or boring moment while watching the movie. The main cast played they roles well and good. What really excites me is the part that Edward jumps from one tree to another and one boulder to another and when suddenly they jumped out of Edward's room. The director and cameraman in those scenes are great because those scenes are effective. I mean they left an impact to the viewers.

Overall the movie went well, I give it a 9 out of 10 rating. Well, there is definitely another part and next book that will follow this one. Because I seen it in the dark deep eyes of Victoria as she gazed upon Edward and Bella dancing at the prom that she will return. There you go folks! Those who haven't watched it, what are you waiting for? Go to the cinemas and catch that Twilight fever!

After watching the movie, I got hungry with all the excitement LOL! So I went to my favorite place to chow down.

Creamy Carbonara

Shakey's has a new pizza and it's called Pizza Bianca. Look at the pizza it's not your ordinary pizza

It has creamy white sauce topped with natural cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, flavorful ham, button mushrooms, sprinkled with chopped green bell pepper and premium grated parmesan cheese. Not your usual pizza because it do not have a pizza sauce and the taste is yummy it melts in your mouth because of the cream on it instead of the usual pizza sauce. To all pizza lovers like me... try it!


Rio said...

9 out of 10'l try to watch this film this coming sunday with my mom..
and might try the pizza bianca..hehe

Lalaine said...

nyaaa... magkasunod pa talaga kami ni rio... hahaha

nice review.

me wants pizza bianca too... :D

Sue said...

Hi there!
I am ok, what about you? Hope everything is ok. Sorry for taking so long to answer but I've been busy.
I'm also looking forward to watch twilight and the pizza looked really tasty :)

Take care.


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