Friday, November 21, 2008

Showing some lovin'

These past few days I have been busy taking care of my dog. She was a bit sick. Some of her fur on the neck begun to fall out and redness around her chin and below her neck is shown. It's not the yearly changing of fur or coat, I don't know what is happening. I haven't brought her to the vet for some check up. But after a week, the redness is gone and the falling out of her coat sort of stopped. She bathe once a week still. But she scratch her self often even after she bathe. There is nothing new on how I take care of her for the past 1 year 9 months that she is with me. But I think I was somehow my attention to her was no longer the same as before. So I talked to her and played with her again. She is still the same happy and playful dog. Since she is a house pet and lives inside the house, maybe she needs some sunlight for her itching to subside. But she is still quiet and playful.

I bought her these treats. She loves this one. Dogs or pets alike love to get some treats not just to follow what you command but when you play with your pets.

I'll bathe her later on. Her soap run out so I bought her a new soap. Just like us, she is allergic to some pet products and it's causing her some dandruff. Yes, dogs are getting dandruff too if the dog product that you apply to them is not the right one for their skin. You'll know if the product not the right one after a day or two you'll some changes on your dogs skin or if they itch a lot. Don't use your own soap or shampoo to bathe your dog

When I'm not around, she play with her toy. Dogs love to play. I bought this one months ago. It helps her teeth to be clean too. There are dog treats that helps your dog fight bad breath, plaque or tooth decay. Just check your local mall.

Have you check on your pet lately? He or she might need your attention ;-)


Rio said...

"Don't use your own soap or shampoo to bathe your dog"

>> ganun pala yun? pinagshashampoo ko din sa aso namin ung shampoo ko e..

hindi talaga ako pet lover..ewan ko kung bakit..dahil siguro nakagat ako ng aso at ng monkey?? hehe

may tanong pala ako..hindi ba delikado yang pedigree sa mga aso?? may issue kasi dati na lumabas about that product..

aiLee920 said...

waah... hehe:) xenxa na po hindi ko pa napopost ung pix namin ni yuki.. but, now that i don't have anything to do and we are now on a term break, it's possible na next week mapost ko na... hehe:)
know what, before yuki eat those stuff, kaya lang nung natikman ang rice at ulam, aun, inayawan ang dog food.. hehehe:)

JM said...

so hows your dog?

ur dog deserve all the treat.

kamusta bro? i am so busy with school this past few days

aiLee920 said...

hehe:) i'm not living in manila... actually, im here from lucena.... hehe:) proud to be a probinsyana... hehehe:)

Lalaine said...

Ako din my pet... pero anak na turing ko... at isa si rio sa ninang na hindi pa nagbibigay ng pamasko... hahaha

Mocha ( <-yan ang blog nya.

main and tale ang shampoo na gamit ko kay mocha minsan... pero kadalasan na gamit ko eh yung dr. kaufman. hiyang sya dun at iwas sa mga kati kati sa kanya.

lagi din syang may raw hide para laruin nya... tinututbrush ko din pala sya... hehehe

buti naman meron din ditong pet lover na kagaya ko...

link ex tayo?


Anonymous said...

namiss ko tuloy ang pet ko. ;) wala pang sunset? ;)

ellie said...

I'm so sorry about your dog. I hope she is better. Hope you are doing ok, too.


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