Saturday, August 30, 2008

Turned out to be a good day!

Busy days for me for the past one week and so. It's been tiring busy days for me, however, I enjoyed each day. I enjoyed it in a sense that I have helped in every way that I can. Even though there is a slight misunderstanding, as they say "all's well that ends well". I was beginning to enjoy my long vacation (suppose to be 4 days) but it turned out to be 3 days because I was asked to go back to work on the 4th day due to the company needs higher productive hours. Talking bout vacation huh! So back to work for me, anyway in 2 days it will be my day off again, LOL!

So I was excited to take my day offs because I can take a rest after a tiring but enjoyable week for me. I was at work and about to end my shift and take my day offs, when suddenly I did not ended my shift on time because I still have work tied to me and I thought I can finish it before my shift ends. So I have to finish it and at least catch the last shuttle service going out in order for me not to commute and would easily get home. But I was not able to catch the last shuttle service going out due to I still have not yet finished my work.

So I will just wait for the next shuttle service. While waiting for the next shuttle service, I need to shake off some weights on my shoulders. Well, lucky for me it's not raining and I decided to take a walk at the park located at the back of the building where I work. And these is the scenery that caught my eyes...

This is also known as the Parade Grounds of Clarkfield, Angeles City, Pampanga.

Below is the pathway of the park

This is what you will see in the middle of the park

If you will going to ask me about those statues, well I have no idea. I had no time to read the description of the statues on the description stones at the foot of the statues because I was in a hurry I might not catch the next shuttle service again. But to my understanding, those are the statues commemorating the American-Japanese War. When the American soldiers took over Clarkfield as their home base.

Finally, I was able to get to the shuttle service and off I go to meet my bestfriend at the SM City Clark. Well, it turned out to be a good day after all and it's my day off too. I hope you are also having a good day my dear reader...

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I went out into the streets
looking at people passing by
I'm hoping to see a familiar face
That would uplift my spirits

But looking again at those people
I don't know who they are or where they are going
They are just there passing by in front of me
Going to their own destinations

But as they pass by me, their eyes are questioning me
Their eyes as they look at me, are judging me
Who are they to look at me like that
Where in fact they don't know me at all

Who are they to judge me, they are not God
God alone judges people
In this world, why are there people that judge those people they don't even know
How can I prove myself to them if they judge me the way I look

As I bow my head down and close my eyes
I can feel their judging eyes looking straight at me
Shall I go now and just do what I must do?
Or shall I stay and prove them that their judegement is wrong?

I just hope one of those people passing by me
Will just hold my hand and lead the way
Away from all these judging people
That I thought are comfortable with my presence

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A L O N E...

I sit on the floor wondering and thinking
Alone again and no stars twinkling
As this night I wish won't repeat again
I no longer don't know what to do 'coz it's driving me insane

When you need me, I'm there
But when I need you, your not here
I no longer want to depend on you
But my heart desires for you

Why it has to be this way?
I do not have a choice but to accept it anyway
Sitting in an empty room, feeling sullen and alone
I don't know what needs to be done

I know your already asleep at this time
But did you think of me before bedtime?
Who am I to question you
All I can do is to understand you

I'm just a friend or a bestfriend to you
Who is there for you
Making sure your alright
Before another day shines bright

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Say What??

I was on my way home from work and then my cellphone vibrates. I checked to see who sent me SMS(text message). It's from a friend and she made me think with the message she forwarded to me. I'd like to share the text message to you that somewhat made me think until I got home. LOL!

The text message is...

Boyfriend: Last night on our anniversary, my girlfriend demanded I take her some place expensive...

... so I took her to a gas station. She got angry,

Did I do something wrong? Or should I have brought her to the rice seller? =D

That is the text message, I don't know if I will be laughing or be sadden. Laughing because the boyfriend thought that silly thing to bring the girlfriend to a gas station because the girlfriend did not specify if it is an expensive restaurant or hotel, something like that. Sadden because gas and even diesel is really hitting every Filipinos pocket rock bottom and hard! Prices of gas and diesel are soaring high every week here in the Philippines. Before on a 500 pesos you can get a full tank gas for your vehicle, but now, you will think twice if you will still bring your vehicle or just ride the jeepney or just take a walk or ride your bike in going to one place or another.

There are already electric cars or solar cars that are being invented nowadays. Some electric jeepneys are already giving free public rides in a village in Makati, Manila. I wonder when will that cover the entire Philippines. I was browsing the net and saw this model of what they call a "Bricycle".

The Bricycle electric recumbent bike is up there with the Tesla Roadster in terms of sex appeal -- even though it kind of looks like a futuristic delivery truck.

It is designed to transport one person as efficiently as possible, the Bricyle isn't completed yet, but it's got a 48-volt electric-assist motor for when you get tired of pedaling through the 21 bicycle gears, and disc brakes for quick stops. It is being developed by someone named Brian. Do you think this can be the next generation in terms of transportation? I love cars but can this replace a car? This will lower the cost of gas and diesel once this is fully developed.


Monday, August 4, 2008

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Empror

I saw The Mummy (part 1) and The Mummy Returns: the Scorpion King (part 2). Both parts are good especially the part 2. But after watching twice the part 3, I like best the part 3. Why? it's because the special effects are well used in this movie and the story itself, is like a folklore or an urban legend. I don't know if there is really a Dragon Emperor in Ancient China. China has it's own beauty and legends and stories to tell.

I did not watch the Dark Knight because of the reason I know you can tell, LOL! But a friend of my mine told me that the Dark Knight is too violent and how can a kid enjoy watching it if it's too violent. The Mummy 3 is not too violent and from the rate of 1-10 and 10 being the highest, I give it a perfect 10. There was not a dull moment while I was watching the movie and that's why I have watched it in 2 separate days. Watch it and see what I mean...

What I have learned from this movie, family first and close family ties.
Relax see a movie! Here is the trailer of the Mummy 3:


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