Friday, November 14, 2008

Just like the sky...

There will always be a time in your life that you are unable to do your daily routine due to you need to attend to other things or you are not in the mood to move here and there. You feel that you need something or someone to motivate you or to inspire you. I know you experience these things and you think and think. When I do my thinking, I love to see the clear blue sky with clouds.

If you think about it, we are like the sky. Sometimes the sky is not clear or there are dark clouds covering the beauty of the sky and then suddenly rain will pour. We are like the sky, the dark clouds are our fears, pains, problems and the like. When we do not know how to deal with the darkness over us, we cry like the sky. As they say when it rains the heavens cry. But I like to see clear skies with white fluffy clouds. Those fluffy clouds represent happiness, joy, and all the positive energy in our lives.

Lucky for me when I looked up in the sky, I saw once again the beauty of the sky. Here are the photos I have taken.

And as the day ends and the night begins, we all have our hopes up that the next day will be another clear sky with fluffy clouds.

P.S. Thank you very much friends, readers and visitors of my blog (I'm not that confident that I have readers but numbers are going up over there >>>>>>) for taking your time reading and visiting here as I am not posting often like I did last month.

Out of the topic ---- I was watching the live airing of the fertilizer scam on TV yesterday. And I was disgusted with what Senator Biazon is asking and reiterating to former under secretary of the Department of Agriculture Jocelyn "Joc-Joc" Bolante. Joc-joc already stated that he was afraid to go home here in the Philippines to attend the senate hearing of the fertilizer scam due to his life is in danger due to death treats. He do not know whom he will appeal because he do not know who are the person behind his death treats. I understand Joc-joc because if you are in his shoes and your life is being treaten by somebody that you cannot identifiy, you won't really get back in your own country. I mean you do not know who you should trust and tell them that you cannot go home yet because your life is being treatened. Joc-joc is not putting our country in shame when he told this in the United States Court. He is just AFRAID and seeking help to protect him from these treats. There is fear, fear that once he hit the Philippine airport there might be a sniper waiting to take him down just like what happened to former Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino. Nonetheless, I just hope that something good will come out of this hearing unlike what happened to the ZTE scam.


Sue said...

So sweet :) I noticed that you were disconnected.
I'm fine, hope you're fine too.
Take good care of you.

Rio said...

hi jk, galing ng pagkakasulat mo..talagang nagawan mo pa ang komparison ang life at ang ulap..galing..=}

sana nga may maging magandang resulta yang fertilizer scam at hindi magaya sa ibang kaso na natulog nalang din..

teka, may na solve na nga ba??

mike said...

jocjoc is a coward! he was too afraid to pay the price of telling the truth.

parisplace215 said...

I love it girl!!!


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