Thursday, November 27, 2008

Apparel... Events and into the Twilight Zone ^_^

I am really into Superman stuffs. I love to collect them. When I see a new superman stuff that I don't have yet, I'll grab one because I might not see it the next time I come back to the place where I saw it. On my previous blog, you have seen some of my Superman stuffs. Here are some of my Superman Apparel,

The last shirt above is my favorite Superman Shirt. I still have other Superman Apparel and stuffs. I'll post them some other time.


To all my Friends, Bloggers and Visitors

Enjoy the Feast!


Everyone is excited, ecstatic and ready to hit the movie houses or cinemas to catch the TWILIGHT. Are you ready to see it?! Go! Go! Go! But be careful =)


aiLee920 said...

cool shirts... grabe so ganda nung superman shirts!!! hahaha:) gonna post na po ung pix w/ yuki... watch out!!!

Rio said...

wow....gaganda at ang cool ng mga shirts ah..

naiintriga na tlga ako dyan sa twilight na yan..makapanood nga..hehe

happy thanksgiving;}

simon n josh said...

I love the last super man T, the black shirt.

Well, I was let down by Twilight. I really have to might have been the story its self. Its just the cast didn't do as much as I'd hoped. Possibly the guy Jacob was one of the best in the well, as the guy who play Edwards.

Maybe you'll like it. I hope you do.

Happy Thanksgiving.... Will you be cooking up something delish?

simon n josh said...

it'll be interesting to read your review of Twilight. I thought for sure you would have gone over to your family and had a feast. Really, pizza is great after all that turkey.


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