Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is the second time... :o)

Oh no! Arrgghhh! Hmmm... Yikez! Blag! Ouch! LOLzzzz!! Naahhh! I just got tagged! By whom you ask? By this beautiful person named MAYA.

Well, she wants to know 10 Facts about me. Hmmm... Let me see... Let me think... Aha!

1. I look like more of a Grade School student than a Teacher.

2. First day at school as a College Instructor, my students thought that I am their classmate. I no longer practice my profession at the moment. But once I get the "calling", I'll go back.

3. Obviously I love surfing the net and taking photos. I also love going to place where I can relax.

4. I can sleep for only 15 minutes and I'll be refreshed and can work for the whole shift of 9 hours 45 minutes.

5. I can dance and groove the whole day. I can move to the beat of Philippine Folk Dances, Hip Hop, Street Dance, Freestyle, Interpretative. I forgot to add Ballroom Dance.

6. I love to hang out with friends and make new friends.

7. I collect Superman items.

8. I know this may sound unreal but I haven't went to Baguio my whole life. Anyone wanna take me there? LOL!

9. I like pizza and pasta. With that, I also love to learn the French Language.

10. I love to hear any genre of music from classical, renaissance, pop, RnB. I'm a sporty type of person that loves to play Lawn Tennis.

Those are some facts about me and I would like to know some facts from these people:


aiLee920 said...

thanks for giving me, TAGGED.. hehehe:) sa multiply ko, nagawa ko na ren yan!!! hahaha:) but i'll do it again anyway... but, i think i'll do it tomorrow, i pwameez....
thanks again!!!

Rio said...

ahehe..naka tag na naman ako dito??
nagawa ko na ito dati pero sige gagawin ko ulit...

hindi ka pa ba talaga nakakapunta ng baguio?? baket? hehe..yaan mo pag may field trip ang mga bloggers,suggest natin na sa baguio pumunta.hehe..jokelang

salamat ng madami...=}

waahhh..lapit na deadline ko??

Lalaine said...

hi... salamat sa tag.. gawin ko to kapag hindi na ako masyado busy... pero gagawin ko to... hehehe

M A Y A said...

beautiful person ako?? hehe! tanggalin mo na yung "person", kc ibig sabihin lng nun mabait, haha! beautiful talaga ako noh, di lang obvious. nyahaha!!!

JM said...

slamat sa pag tagged sakin

this weekend i will post something about that tagged thing,hehehe

dba bro malapit na lang kau sa baguio? hehe sana my gimik taung mga blog friends sa baguio?palagay mo?

yngat lagi bro,

ellie said...

Ah..thats dance and all.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a good one. Thanks for the note.

Happy Blogging!

cait said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Wow..just 15 minutes of sleep. You need more sleep. Don't over do it.

viper said...

ur kidding!!! never been to baguio, ever?! if my sched will permit, join me on May 2009... cross-fingers ;)

justkyut said...

I will if your sked permits you. Your planning to celebrate your birthday there? You can't sleep again? I did not get to chatch you yesterday morning. I hope I can chatch you later

For those whose asking who is my bestfriend, VIPER is my bestfriend =)


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