Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking Back (@_@)

I live a simple, complicated life. I like simple things and people. As long as I can survive daily, that's already happiness for me and I thank God for that. I don't own a fabulous house nor fancy cars. I'm contented with what I have right now with my family and a few close friends. Yeah I know, I'll be a hypocrite if I don't seldom dream to live a easy going life. But not for me alone. There are things I need to consider because I don't like that I am the only one happy with the things that I do. Sometimes, I think of others before I think of myself and then I ended up getting hurt. Pain, hurt, happiness are part of life. Life won't be complete without them.

At the first quarter of 2008, life for me is a bit easy. Same old routine. Go to work and then go home. The second quarter, well, I was busy and thinking a lot of things not for me but for others. Thinking about these and that, is that enough, how will I do this these and that. Those are what occupied most on the second quarter of the year 2008. That is why I turn those thoughts into words and came out in this blog. I needed an outlet. On the third quarter, things for me got a bit complicated. I got hurt and I was in pain emotionally. But I still got the hold of myself and everything that is infront of me. I must admit, this was the time that I got myself confuse and didn't know where to go or where is my place in this world. Things got complicated and at the same time I know I hurt a person that is special to me, a special friend. I didn't know that things got complicated and my friend got hurt without my knowledge. On the last quarter of this year, I regain my luck and everything went back to normal. Blessings came my way unexpectedly. I got my special friend back and gain my focus at work. But as this year ends, there is a bit of floss in my life that I wish I can handle it and find solutions before things get out of hand. I don't want to lose and in the end get hurt once again. I'll fight until to the last breath. I'll hold on even if it hurts. In prayers and God's grace, I know I can find a solution.

Still looking back to what I can't forget this year 2008, here are some photos or moments that I can't forget this year.

Oh, okay, alright... I admit, that's me wearing a suit with my bestfriend

Can't forget this evening at my bestfriend's youngest daugther 7th birthday

Like mother, like daughters.. Beautiful, aren't they?

Ofcourse the Car

One of the cars at the show is my friend's car

Lastly, my two uncles who went home this last week of October from U.S.
They haven't went home here in the Philippines for the past 20years.

My uncle wearing a red shirt with his son wearing a dark blue shirt (my cousin)

Also my other uncle who just came home here after 2 decades

Well that's about my year 2008 and I hope this coming year 2009, I won't get into trouble or something. And oh, lucky for me, I haven't got sick. I usually get sick during Decembers and January, don't know why. I hope I won't get sick next month, first month of the year 2009. I'll keep my faiths and hopes up and thank God for the blessings. I hope I can blog more next year.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Center of Christmas

In spite of lack of sleep last night, I had manage to attend the evening mass for Christmas eve. The priest's homily is about what is Christmas all about. For the kids or the new generation now, they think Christmas as a time of receiving gifts and wearing new clothes. In addition to that, in Filipino tradition, kids go to their Godparents to kiss their hands and will receive a gift from them. This is what they think and exercise every Christmas day. But last night the priest emphasized what is the true meaning of Christmas.

Yes, Christmas is the time to be jolly and be merry. A time to give what you can to the less fortunate or to the person that you would like to give a gift to. It's the time of the year, once a year to spread the laughter and joy as the cool air touches our faces. But this is the time of the year that we recall the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. As the Three Kings saw the bright star over at Bethlehem and followed it, they knew that our Lord is born. Born in the stable and lay-ed down in a manger with Joseph, Mary and the animals. Christmas is the birth date of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is born to save us from our sins and bring us into salvation.

Christmas is not about receiving but giving what we can give. Not material things but what is in our hearts that we can truly and whole hearted give. As God has given us a very special gift not wrapped in a fancy gift wrapper but wrapped in a simple white cloth. Thus born the baby Jesus that was given to us as a gift from God. God that is thoughtful and caring that He has given us a very special gift. This time of the year is also the time that we gave thanks to God. Jesus Christ the center of Christmas is a symbol that we can reflect upon and check within ourselves if we have Christmas in us...

Have a Merry Christmas!
Hanukkah to our Jewish friends!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Light...

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.(Revelation 14:13)

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.(Romans 8:38,39)

For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.(Ecclesiastes 9:5,6)

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.(Psalm 23:4)

In loving memory of our beloved Mrs. Herminia Bondoc Yana (1933-2008). May she reset in peace. Kindly pray for her.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am asking your kind hearts to please pray for Mrs Herminia Bondoc Yana. I would like to correct my post this morning for she was not yet declared clinically dead, she was revived and in deep comatose due to one of her veins ruptured and resulted to massive bleeding in the brain and was moved to the ICU but later on moved to a private room. Doctor said that anytime soon, she will lay to rest. I'm asking for your prayers to guide her soul. Thank you and God Bless you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sinukwan 2008 ---- Kapampangan Fashion

It's been awhile since I posted here due to my wireless connection took an early Christmas Break LOL! I just hope it won't take another break or else I would rant about my provider here. Any way it's nice to be back. To all my fellow bloggers who are looking for me and e-mailing me, sorry guys I got technical problems.

This is the continuation of my previous post about Sinukwan. Here are the photos I took at the Kapampangan Fashion Exhibit held at Robinsons Starmills in San Fernando, Pampanga.

This is a representation statue of King Sinukwan

This is a representation statue of Makiling, wife of King Sinukwan

Here are the creations of our Kapampangan Fashion Designers. I wonder if one time there can be a fashion show for all the designers and couturiers of Pampanga. I might ask my friend/couturier about this or suggest if they can have a fashion show to showcase their work. Here are some of the creations I saw at the exhibit following the name of the creators.

When I saw this one it's like Moulin Rouge with a Filipino Heritage

This is made of sinamai

This one is made of abaka

This one is also made of abaka but the design is made of shells

This is like retaso or pieces of cloth sewed together

There you have it folks! Those are the creations I found at the exhibit for the Sinukwan Festival last November 30 to December 6 at San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines. This Saturday, December 20 will be the Giant Lantern Festival or what we call Ligligan Parol. I cannot attend the event because I have work.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Farewell Marky...

I was not planning to blog about what happened to the late Marky Cielo, but I can no longer control what is on my mind after what I have watched from monday to yesterday morning and then I have read the blog entry of my friend Jules about him.

It was really a lost especially to the family and close friends of Marky. i like to see him dance than Mark Herras. for me he is the prince of the dance floor. it was really a shock to the whole showbiz industry and many still cannot believe that a quiet, kind and humble young man will end up like this. I don't know him personally but I have watched him through starstruck and when they are only a few of them left on the competition, I knew he will be the one titled as the ultimate survivor of the competition. My mother and I were just talking about him last week wednesday when we saw him on TV and he looked improved physically. He gained muscles out of daily workout at the gym and his looks really improved comparing when he was just starting out of showbiz after he won the title. He looks so vain but nevertheless, he is the still the same guy that he is when he started out in Philippine Showbiz. When he had a mall show here at SM City Clark, Angeles City, I was not able to catch him on stage dancing for I was not able to go at the mall when he was there. But after he performed, people I know who were there told me that he came down from the stage and personally greeted his fans.

People from all walks of life admired him. He was on his way to stardom but this incident stopped it from happening. The "incident"... Hmmm... This has a mystery behind what really did happened. Bear with me for I am about to let you know about what is on my mind behind this incident that caused me to suddenly wake up from my slumber sleep yesterday.

Last Sunday evening, I came to work and sitted on my pod and heared some of the people talking about someone died, someone from showbiz. Suddenly I heard the name Marky Cielo. I was shocked! Huh?! Marky died? Why? What happened? I was left out of the incident for I was asleep all day since I work on a night shift and nobody at home told me what happened. So I did my own researching and found out that they found him dead at his room lying on the floor at their residence in Antipolo City morning of December 7. His mother rushed him to the hospital but was declared dead upon arrival 10 a.m. They said that he died due to acute pancreatitis but at that time the autopsy report was not yet delivered but they said that he died due to acute pancreatitis. Hmmm.. that made no sense to me. You asked me why? Because first of all, they found him lying on the floor dead. Was he fond of sleeping on the floor where in he has a comfy bed to sleep on. Remember, a person who died due to acute pancreatitis must be on a comfortable sleeping position either on the bed or on a sofa. Do you agree?

The next day Monday morning December 8, I was watching a talk show entitled SIS of GMA channel 7 and they were paying tribute to him. One of the host of the show Carmina Villaroel went to Marky's residence in Antipolo to interview some fans and the young actor's mother. The wake is ongoing at their residence at that time. When Miss Villaroel interviewed Marky's Mother, she was asked "What was the last conversation you had with your son and what were you talking about? Was it personal or something else?". His mother replied "it was personal I won't go into details. I only said to him that you are already at the right age and that is your responsibility". They talked until 2 in the morning of Sunday December 7. That was the last time she saw her son alive.

Next, I was wondering why the autopsy report is not yet out since yesterday morning December 9 and I was told by my mother that the report is out, however, his mother do not want any of the results of the report to come out and let everyone know. That I respect and understand. What I don't get is that, the Scene of the Crime Operatives or SOCO (like the CSI) of Antipolo City are also not allowed to tell anyone what they got from the investigation they have done. But Marky is a public figure, the public deserves to know what really happened to him, right? And then I was again tuned in to SIS talk show and some of Marky's friends are there. Each of them read the letter that they have written for Marky. What caught my attention is when co-actor and friend Mike Tan said that he last saw Marky at their hangout an Internet cafe at Tomas Morato, Manila playing online games Saturday night December 6. He did not bothered Marky while he is playing but Marky acknowledged his presence and continued playing. After that, Mike left Marky who is still busy playing online games. So after Marky played, he went home and chatted with his mother. I wonder if Marky did ate and made himself full up to the neck between the time after he played online games and chatted with his mother. And then, Rainer Castillo also Marky's co-actor and friend said as he read the letter he wrote for Marky "You know what we are here your friends. You can confide to us and tell us..." He cut what he is suppose to say on live television that made me think again about what is the real cause of death of Marky Cielo.

All of these I was thinking yesterday and summed up on my mind and asked myself, did Marky Cielo died due to acute pancreatitis? If he did, why is he found lying on the floor? What is his mother telling the viewers all about what they have talked about that night when he came home from playing online games? Did he really ate and slept full? What is Rainer implying on his statement that he said yesterday on live TV?

I am not implying anything on this entry, however, just like the many people that knows the late Marky Cielo are asking what did really happened to him. How about you, what do you think?

With all of these, May he rest in Peace and find the path to heaven and join the Angels and our Father Almighty. Let us pray for him.

This only mean that Life is too Short and better live it to the right and best way that we can for we only live our life once. We do not know what's ahead. Living each day to the best that we can and sharing what we have will not waste our life instead will make us grow to a better person.

My condolences to the family, friends and fans of the late Mark Angelo Cadaweng Cielo (1988-2008).
To check photos of Marky Cielo, click here
For more updates on Marky Cielo, please visit http://www.pep.ph/

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sinukwan 2008... Some of the events

Last November 30 to December 6, people of Pampanga celebrated Sinukwan. One of the most celebrated festival in Central Luzon, Philippines. I remembered when my students and I joined the street dancing and cultural presentation night way back 2004. As I have mentioned, we didn't won but the recognition trophy that we received and the experience and excitement is enough for all of us. Unfortunately, I was not able to bring with me the thropy home when I left the school in 2005 and moved on to another career. Trophy is really cool. It's like the oscars trophy but instead of oscar as the man standing on the trophy, it is Aring Sinukwan. Thus, the legend begins...

Many are wondering what is Sinukwan. Let me give you the legend of Sinukwan.

A long, long time ago there lived a noble, gigantic being named Siku. He was the first inhabitant of Pampanga. He ruled over the creatures that later populated the region. Up there in his lush abode that was Mt. Arayat, he held lavish banquets. He became known for his unbridled feasts, serving only the most elegant silverware.

Like Siku, his Capampangan subjects were very hard workings. They planted the strongest trees in the kingdom. One day, the taga-ilugs, people who lived along the banks of “Ilug Maragul”, cut down these big trees to build baneas, without Siku’s permission.

The Capampangans learned about this and became very angry. They chased the taga-ilugs until they reached Siku’s kingdom, were they faced Siku’s wrath. Furious, the taga-ilugs threatened to return with their queen, Mariang Makiling. Deep into the night, thousands of boats stealthily came to Siku’s kingdom to seek revenge.

Alerted of the attack Siku’s bravely faced the taga-ilugs. He brought two giant rocks and together with his people, fearlessly jumped into the river. The water rose so high that the entire river overflowed. Overcome by the great tidal force, the taga-ilugs were helplessly driven back.

Makiling acknowledge her defeat and surrender to Siku, thus the name Sinukwan, which means “SOMEONE TO WHOM OTHERS SUBMIT”. Struck by Makiling’s unparallel beauty and extraordinary strength, King Sinukwan fell in love with the goddess, and asked her hand in marriage.

They had three daughters, Malagu (Beautiful), Mahinhin (Modest), and Matimtiman (Charming), all named after the traits they inherited from their mother. But much to the displeasure of the kings and queens, their three daughters fell in love with mortal men, Masikan (Strong), Matapang (Brave), and Masipag (Industrious). In time, these men prove their love to sinukwan’s daughters. Moved by their determination and loyalty, the king finally conceded, and allowed his daughters to marry the mortals.

King Sinukwan continued to rule over Pampanga for a very, very long time. In a place where the courage, wisdom, faithfulness and loved prevailed, his kingdom became a reflection of Siku’s legendary greatness.

That is the legend of Sinukwan. I was not able to attend the main event of Sinukwan which is the street dancing and cultural night where in Capampangans showcase their talents in the various competitions of the said event. Plus, there are exhibits from Capampangan artist in the field of arts (photography and painting) and fashion.I was only able to attend the fashion event and I was late to arrive at the venue Robinson's Starmills San Fernando, Pampanga. I was just able to get a photo of the dresses made by our Capampangan couturiers on exhibit. I'll post them on my next blog.

Here is the video of the schools and other organizations who joined the Sinukwan street dance and cultural night competition.

Here are the list of participants of the competition on the video above.

1. San Lorenzo Ruiz Center of Studies and Schools (from City of San Fernando) 2. San Jose Panlumacan Elementary School (from City of San Fernando) 3. Anderson Elementary School (from Arayat) 4. San Agustin Elementary School (from City of San Fernando) 5. San Fernando Elementary School (from City of San Fernando)

1. Tribo Apalitenos (from Apalit) 2. Jose C. Feliciano College (from Mabalacat) 3. University of the Assumption (from City of San Fernando) 4. (participants on this number did not came) 5. Game Master Tribe (from Apalit) 6. Don Honorio Ventura College (from Bacolor) 7. San Lorenzo Ruiz Center of Studies and Schools (City of San Fernando)

The presentations of the Elementary Level are the most that caught the eyes of the viewers at the Robinson's Starmills Event Center. They have showcased their talent and everything they got on this event. I bet your wondering who won on the competition. Here are the list of the winners and what category they had won.

Winners for the Sinukwan Festival 2008:


-Best in Group Headdress
1st Prize: San Lorenzo Ruiz CSS
2nd Prize: San Fernando Elem Sch
3rd Prize: San Jose Panlumacan Elem Sch

-Best in Group Costume
1st Prize: San Lorenzo Ruiz CSS
2nd Prize: San Jose Panlumacan Elem Sch
3rd Prize: Anderson Elem Sch

-Street Dancing/Free Interpretation (Combined)
1st Place: Anderson Elem Sch
2nd Place: San Jose Panlumacan Elem Sch
3rd Place: San Lorenzo Ruiz CSS

OVER-ALL CHAMPION: Anderson Elem Sch


-Best in Group Headdress
1st Prize: University of the Assumption
2nd Prize: San Lorenzo Ruiz CSS
3rd Prize: Jose C. Feliciano College

-Best in Group Costume
1st Prize: San Lorenzo Ruiz CSS
2nd Prize: University of the Assumption
3rd Prize: Jose C. Feliciano College

-Street Dancing Competition:
1st Place: Don Honorio Ventura College
2nd Place: University of the Assumption
3rd Place: San Lorenzo Ruiz CSS

-Free Interpretative Competition
1st Place: University of the Assumption
2nd Place: San Lorenzo Ruiz CSS
3rd Place: Don Honorio Ventura College

OVER-ALL CHAMPION: University of the Assumption

P.S. Thank you to SinukwanFestival2008 and Nosyajam for the video and list of winners and participants

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random thoughts.... c",)

I wanted to write a new entry on my blog since Monday but I was tired when I got home. It's not only Manic Monday every week for me, it's a crazy, stressful Monday and also Tuesday every week. Well, that's life. Not everyday you experience the luxury of worry and stress free environment. It's Christmas just a few blocks away and after that a looonnggg holiday after December 25 here in Philippines. Some are against this long holiday but some will definitely enjoy it.

Aside from Christmas Ornaments and everything that I have mentioned on my last entry, I have mentioned about Food. Yep Food! My family and me are now planning what will be our Food for the Christmas and New Year since this is my 1st holiday with them after 3 years. By the way, good thing that they are rolling back the public transportation fare starting December 15. I just hope that the drives of those public utility vehicle will abide. Back to food. I love eating and I gained weight again, arrgghhh! I get food on the go like this one

Aside from that one and everybody is busy with preparing for the holidays and listing down gifts to buy for their love ones. Me, currently I am busy with my dog and work. Here is a teaser photo of my dog

Yes she is sick, physically sick but she is mentally and emotionally happy and healthy inside. If you see, the part on her neck don't have fur and some on her legs. I don't know what's happening to her but she is healing now bit by bit. I do hope by next year, she will be physically normal and be ready for the dog walk by March 2009.

To my fellow bloggers, I'm sorry I cannot read your post or reply to you at this time. I hope you all understand. As I am writing this entry, I'm in hurry to hit the road. I'll try to reply to you my friends next time. Ciao!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Final "Ber" of the Year 2008

December is here and it's 24 days to go before Christmas. Shopping Centers and Malls are now open as early as 9am and closes late as 12 midnight. I can see the holiday rush happening yesterday morning I went to the Mall. Ofcourse, SALE! SALE! SALE! is now seen at the mall and you just need to be patient and resourceful when finding things to buy for yourself or buying stuffs to give out as gifts this holiday season.

Kris Kringle, Caroling, Christmas Tree, Mistletoe, Glistening Christmas balls and Christmas ornaments, Christmas Songs, Christmas lights and lanterns and Food Food Food! Talkin' bout diet huh. LOL!

Christmas Trees are now arranged not the traditional way that has stars at top most but they put on garlands or plastic colorful flowers. Check these Christmas Trees that I saw

I like this one with the blue Christmas lights

Ofcourse Christmas won't be complete without Santa Claus

I hope they'll still put up the giant Santa Claus again at SM City Clark. When I say giant, it's really humongous
Aside from Santa Claus, the most important in Christmas Time are Joseph, Mary and the newly born Jesus Christ in a manger. With the 3 Kings or the Biblical Magi and some Sheppards that saw the twinkling star that brought them to see Jesus Christ with gifts of Myrrh, Gold and Frankincense.

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