Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random Thoughts o_O

It's just now that I feel the air is getting cold at night. It's about time that we feel the Christmas air smoothly, freely, and touching our Christmas spirit. I think part of my work is stress. And sometimes lack of sleep. Others say that there is another job or work for you out there. Easy for them to say that but being a bread winner, I can't resign and just stay at home while finding another job. Not at this time where we are at crisis.

Senator Barack Obama the 44th elected United States President is the first African American President in the history of United States. His Vice President Joe Biden. Everyone celebrated even the Filipino community celebrated with Senator Obama's declaration as US President. This is new to all of us not only to our American friends. This is really something new. I just hope that president elect Obama will do something about the crisis that US is now facing and the fact that we are affected too. I'm just scared of the rumors that if Senator Obama wins for presidency, call centers in the Philippines will be pulled out leaving jobless Filipinos and the work at the call center will be given to the Americans. I don't know what will happen now. I just hope that everything will be fine and good in our Lord's time.

I'm not pro or against any political personality in the US, I just wanna make sure that I still can support my family and provide them with their daily needs. I know that each of us are affected with this crisis. I'm just wondering why Philippines is ranked number 5 in the whole world and ranked number 2 in Asian countries that people are hungry. Where in everything that we buy and eat has 12% VAT (Value Added Taxes). I'm now wondering if our taxes really have values.

There are a lot of issues and concerns that we are facing at this time. Well, it has been the same in the past decade or years. In my years of living in this world, the same issues and economic crisis are always there. We cannot just ignore them. And then also comes Global Warming, another crisis. What I'm hoping now that as this year ends and another year starts, I just hope that in won't come to worst in the coming next year.


simon n josh said...

Its been a warm Nov. here in the states. I live in Nebraska..but we might have snow at the end of the week coming.

We were so in hopes we'd be a blue state this time..but McCain squeeked by..still..although, they said some of our electorial votes were democratic.

Hopefully, Obama can assure more of a global economy in the future. I hope so anyway.

good post.

blue hearts said...

This is an historical and exciting times for all of us...and we haven't even made it through the holidays yet.

Hope you are having a good week.

laleh n lauren said...

just how cold is it getting there now?

leon said...

I do hope good changes are in the future. Hope you are having a good week.

Anonymous said...

hindi ko maramdaman na malapit na ang pasko...

Rio said...

sana nga talaga ay may malaking magandang magawa si obama.
kawawa naman ang mga call center agents kung tatanggalin sa pinas ang mga call centers..wag naman sana..

ramdam ko na din ang pasko..hehe
advans meri krismas


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