Friday, January 30, 2009

Juz Trippin'

Last week was my birthday, Wednesday (Thank you so much for the friends and fellow bloggers that greeted me!). Never mind the age, LOLz! I simply celebrated it with my love ones and my friend Elaine. But orginally, I want to go to Manila and just take a walk. Eventually, I had the chance to go to Manila last Tuesday, January 27. From work (night shift) I just went home to take care of my dog and eat breakfast and off I went to Manila(no sleep at all, hehehe). Well, I had to go to PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) to check on my renewal fees damages. Lucky for me there is no long line to wait and get to the renewal window. It only took 30 minutes for me to finish and got out of the place quickly because there are too many people swarming to register I think for the next board exams. I ate lunch and think where I should go next.

I found myself going to Intramuros. This I think is the entrance of the east wing going inside Intramuros.

The last time I went there was 10 years ago. I think the place improved from the last time I saw it. I just want to see some greenery. Good thing it's not hot, polluted or humid. It's just the right weather but it rained a little. Then it was cool wind blowing and clouds covering the rays of the sun. There are many stalls on one street of Intramuros and there was this big tent showcasing the products made from Mindanao. Sorry I didn't get any photos of the inside of the tent because it might not be allowed and I don't want to be scolded. But these are the things I saw outside of the big tent,

These are model build houses just outside of the big tent in Intramuros. I think the first two photos is called Bahay Tagalog or typically house of a Filipino. The last photo I forgot to check, LOL!

I was walking and walking and walking and then went to climb up the wall of Intramuros

Forrre!!! Hehehe Anyone want to play Golf?

Then I went down from the wall and next stop, Fort Santiago! I can't walk anymore so I crawled, LOLz!

Light a candle for your love one or say a prayer at Our Lady of Gudalupe

A chapel inside Fort Santiago constructed in 1773. A small and quiet place to pray and think.
I pray that may my Bestfriend be enlightened and be guided by the Holy Spirit. Amen

Plaza Moriones
I was looking under the bench for Red!

Red come out come out where ever you are!

I have a picture taken on this same spot 10 years ago

Fort Santiago Gate
The gate that tells history as it unfolds

Let's go through these gates

Plaza Armas and Rizal's Shrine (far left)

Dr. Jose P Rizal's Clothes

I got tired so I sat down on a bench and stared at this window which is located on the second floor of the Rizal's Shrine.

This is the pathway when you exit the Rizal's Shrine at the second floor. It is located along the wall of Intramuros.

Moat this is located infront of the Fort Santiago Gate

My digicam went dead so I had to take this photo using my phone

Those are the photos I have taken. I hope you have enjoyed them. I wish I have taken more photos but I think my digicam got tired too, LOLz! One thing I have learned here, never ever go without getting enought sleep first.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Child...

A child is born in this world
Who laughs and cries
Innocent as they are
Little Angels of this earth

A child who is not afraid of tomorrow
For they know that tomorrow is there caring for them
They don't worry too much
'Cause they know that they are being guarded

It's nice to be a child
It's worry-free
All you do is eat, sleep and play
And be ready what tomorrow might bring

You wish that you can go back being a child
Those memories of childhood times
Some are vivid and some instilled in memory
That you look back and remember

A child cute, cuddly and sweet
It's the starting stage of life

Into a journey in this world
Guided and molded for the future

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A friend's next journey

12/14/2008 9:04am

Invite da ka keng kasal ku ne, hehehe

I got that text message after my work that is saying I am invited to a wedding. I looked twice at the sender of that message and I was shocked, excited and happy. Questions started to pop out of my mind. I asked the sender when and where but I would also like to ask how... How did that happened, LOL!

Last January 3, 2009 I attended the Silva-Castro Nuptial at L&S Subdivision, Angeles City followed by the reception at Unichefs. Guests started to arrived at 1pm and the wedding suppose to start at 1:30pm but eventually it was delayed due to the groom and bride did not arrived on time or I know the bride has something to do with the delay of the ceremony because she is always late LOLz! She said that the ceremony will start at 1:30 but I knew it would start after an hour. So it started at around 2:20pm.

I was a bit hesitant to attend the occasion. It's like half of me says attend then the other half says do not attend. I don't know why. Funny, but I asked for a sign if I would attend the wedding or not and there was the sign and I attended together with my mother and brother and my brother's friend. The morning of January 3, Saturday I called in the Bride and checked if every things fine. She said yes and I was about to tell that I will just going to attend the church ceremony and no longer come to the reception. But it's like she read my mind and told me that she wants to see me at the church and reception. I said to myself, oh okay I'll attend and besides if I missed this occasion I know she will later on put this on my face and her mother might not forgive me if I won't attend, LOL!

You might be wondering what is my relation to the Bride. Just a bit of a background. The Bride and I are close friends for almost 13 years. We met when we were in 3rd year high school, we were classmates. The happiest moment of my high school life is during my 3rd year. She is one of my close friends. Her name is Elaine Infante Silva. During our 3rd year highschool the whole class or our block are always on the go both in campus and outside campus. We are like one big happy family. We take photos every now and then. We are together when there is a group walk. Sometimes after class we hang out at Elaine's house. From that time on we became friends, close friends. When we were in college we took the same course but we do not have the same specialty. She specialized in Elementary Education while me, Secondary Education. We were not classmates when we were in college but we see each other and I still hang out at her house and we go to church together. Elaine has her own bloopers that left me happy thoughts.

What I can't forget about her is that, when we were in high school she always spends time at the comfort room powdering her nose and face, LOL! Whenever we change classrooms for the next subject, she is always missing in line waiting to enter the next classroom. We no longer wonder where she is because we know she is at the comfort room, AGAIN, LOL! Another thing is she is forgetful. She needs to be reminded every now and then. This is one incident I won't forget that was told by one of our friends and batch mate. After we graduated in college, she decided to teach in one of the private elementary schools here and later on moved to an exclusive private school in Greenhills, Manila. So I was left here in Angeles City, teaching in one of the computer colleges. One time our friend told me "I was trying to contact Elaine but her cellphone is unattended". Elaine and our friend are both teaching at the exclusive private school in Manila and they both live together in a rented apartment. I asked our friend "and then what happened? Why is her cellphone unattended?". I know that she do not leave the house without her cellphone because she is miles away from home and her mother or sister might contact her every now and then. Our friend said "I went home at our apartment and saw that she left her cellphone charging". Oops! She forgotten her cellphone.

When Elaine went home at their apartment, she admits that she forgotten her phone charging. But what really is hilarious, she opened her cellphone and there is a message "insert sim card". She frowned and was thinking that her cellphone was over charged that is why her sim card is no longer being recognized by the phone. So she opened the back panel of her cellphone to check on the battery and sim card and to her surprise.... The sim card is not inserted in the phone. It turned out that she had forgotten her sim card at home (she went home every weekends at Angeles City). I was laughing my heart out and then I said "well, that's Elaine". LOLz! There are lots of moments like this that instead you would get irritated of her forgetfulness, you will just laugh and laugh about it. Well, its great that she do not forget what she is teaching to her students.

Our high school friends calls her "Powder Ranger" because she powders her nose and face every now and then as long as she get the chance to. According to her sister in law, she still does that until now. LOLz! When she seldom comes home every weekend from work at Manila, we seldom see each other. Even if she got transferred from Manila to Angeles at the exclusive school, we don't see each other often anymore because I am always asleep at day time. I miss hanging out with her.

Here are some of our photos way back then(I was not able to have them scanned, that's why they are a bit messy),
These are the days

Those are our photos from high school and college. I lost my wallet in the year 2003, all my copies of our wallet size photos are in my wallet. These are the only photos left with me.

Going back to the wedding, I attended the significant day on my friend's life. She is the youngest among our barkadas in high school, we call her bunso. I was surprised when she texted me that she's going to marry because she is a quiet and shy type person. I guess she grew out of her shell and learned many things as the years passed by. Even though we don't get to hang out often as we did before, I know she has out grown the "bunso" in her since she has left home to teach in another place. She is her family's little Elaine. Her mother's baby but now a lady.

Let me present to you the Castro - Silva Nuptial.

The Wedding Invitation


Bridal Car

The beautiful bride Elaine

The Bride and Groom inside the Bridal Car

As the Bride enters the church...

The Bride and her niece giving the bouquet

Parents of the Bride and Groom give their blessings

Exchange of vows

Sponsors signing

The Bride and Groom with their Brides Maid and Bestman

Elaine's Family

Our friends and Me

Cup cake give aways

Give away at the wedding

This is what's inside of the box above

Cute huh!

That is the wedding of my friend Elaine. I could not post all of the photos here I might run out of space, LOL! I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Huh?! What was that? Your asking if we have a photo of my friend Elaine and Me?

Viola! After 18 hours of no sleep I attended my friend's wedding and I sneaked out of the side entrance of the church when the Bridal car arrived and went to meet my friend Elaine. We talked a bit and before I went back inside the church, I took this photo with her. Isn't she beautiful. Best Wishes Arvin and Elaine. I hope to see little Arvin and Elaine running at your home maybe not soon, LOL!

This blog is dedicated to Elaine and thanks to Lenny(brides maid and sister in law of Elaine) for some of the photos I used in this blog.

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