Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I remembered the time when we went camping during my scouting days. This was in my High School days. I was a freshman in one of the universities here in our city. I joined scouting not to exempt myself from my Physical Education classes but to gain more knowledge and skills on the outdoors and to explore nature.

One time we had camping out at the school premises since the campus grounds is huge. We camped out at the track and field oval. On the west side of the oval is a grandstand and on the south side of the oval are two or twin buildings, building A and B. These buildings are built like one whole building but they named it into two buildings(A and B). It was my first camping out as a freshman scouter and our tent is built on the south side of the oval near the twin buildings. The twin buildings have 4 floors. So the first floor we can see easily.

We had campfire in the middle of the oval and we sang songs and played some role playings to grace the night. It was already 11:30pm when the campfire finished. Off we went to our tents. There are about 12 tents built around the oval. Each tent consist of 10 to 12 group of scouts, we call these groups Patrols. So there are 12 Patrols all in all. Once we were inside the tent, we went to sleep because we need to get up at 5am the next day for more activities.

As we were trying to get some sleep, we heard someone scream on the next tent and a warning signal was sent to us through whistle signals(in scouting, there are various whistle signals to warn each scouter or patrols). Every one scrambled to run to our master scouter station and each of us are asking what is happening. There are two scouter that are shaking out of fear. We are wondering what they are afraid of.

We have learned what had happened and our facilitator or head of our patrol said that 2 of the scouter saw a ghost at the first floor of the twin buildings and saw a green light on the 4th floor. The twin building do not have any lights on at that time so it is completely dark on the building. The only light that is on are the post lights beside the oval. So the 2 scouters told our scout master what they saw and we were all listening as they tell the story.

They saw a white entity walking on the first floor on the twin building that started on the west wing and walked until east wing of the first floor. Then it came back walking from the east wing going to the middle of the first floor. On the middle of the first floor is a hallway and you can see it from the oval. When the entity stopped in the middle, it turned out it was a priest but the feet are not touching the ground and then a green light suddenly turns on at the 4th floor on one of the classrooms there. The priest was looking at the oval like examining it and this was what the 2 scouters saw and they screamed.

Well, I wanted to go and see for myself but our scout master said that no one will go to the south side of the oval. Those who are camping out on the south side of the oval, were told to sleep near the scouting office. There are several classrooms near it. I was wondering who might be that priest. The next day, I saw the name of the twin building that is painted in bold letters. Building A has the name of the grandfather of the owner of the school while building B has the name of an archbishop. Do you think the priest that they saw walking at the first floor that night is the late archbishop?


aiLee920 said...

justkyut, hehehe
4GB po un....
thanks... hehe:)
wala po kameng sembreak, tri-sem kz kame.. hehehe:) whole month of december pa po ang term break namin.. hehehe:) project making namin ngaun...

Rio said...

hello justkyut,
kakatakot naman ang naging experience ng dalawang kasamahan nyo..
possible nga na si late archibishop yung nakita nilang entity..

ikaw ba? nakakita ka na din ba ng ghost?

thanks sa pagbisita at pag iwan ng nice comments sa blog ko..=P

Rio said...



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