Friday, October 24, 2008

Ferrariiii!! Woooohooooo!!

Toyota Mr2 with Ferrari F355 Body Kit

This is my friend's car. He asked me to take some photos of his car since he is not here to see the car show. And I'm glad I came to the car show. Special thanks to Director "Direk" Arnel a.k.a Shawndrexler, my friend and owner of this car.

Well this is what I really call a pimped out ride!

Lamborgini doors... Mark II Wing doors

Behind those seats are 2 big Sony X-pload Booming System Speakers


JM said...

a big WOW!

simon n josh said...

now that's a cool orange!

blue hearts said...

Got some really cool pics in this post. Hope you have a great weekend.

gossip guy said...

What an amazing car. I'd love to sit in one of those.

Sue said...

Hi there, hope everything's going fine with you. What about you tooth? lol

No, we still call each other every night, and yes, it's us in the picture bellow :) 6 months almost.

Take care.

11.57 p.m. just about to fall asleep


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