Saturday, October 4, 2008

Les Collections de Bonnets et de Bonnets

When it's cold or hot outside, I simply wear one of my caps or bonnets to help feel comfortable. That depends on the weather, if it is hot or cold. They say wearing too much of a cap or bonnet will make a person bald, I believe in that. I don't wear my caps or bonnets often, only if I need to wear one or it would make match on the outfit I'll be wearing. I'm not a fashionable person or a trendy one but I like collecting caps or bonnet because they keep me warm and protect me from the rays of sunlight. One more thing, don't ever ever wear a cap or bonnet if you have a wet hair, or else, you'll have a stinky hair or head, LOL! Here are some of my collections,

From left to right: Spurs 21 Duncan basketball cap, Superman baseball cap,
Penshoppe truckers cap and G-Unit cap

Left to Right: Man of Steel bonnet, my bonnet from Nayong Pilipino at Clarkfield
and my other Superman bonnet above is my Superman shaped pillow

Yeah I know, I know. I don't like Superman much, LOLz! These are some of my stuffs. How about you, how many caps and bonnets do you have?

P.S. Thank you very much Ivy for following my blog =)


leon said...

Nice stuff. Ready for winter...and then some.

Ivy said...

Thank you for following my blog too.

justkyut said...

@leon thanks! Yes ready for winter.. but it's still hot here. It's because of global warming i guess

Sue said...

hi! i'm fine thanks, i've been just a little busy. and you?

Sue said...

of course I do :D
why do you ask?

Sue said...

Well, school is really tough right now, it's the last year at high school, but I'll be fine :)

Hope your work is going well.

Sue said...

No, I don't.
It's not like a thesis paper, it's more like a big project related to a specific theme.

JM said...

wow bro you do have loads of superman stuff, i dont have superman caps but I hope I could have one soon,:>

Leon said...

Hey, thanks for reading. Good on plotting too..I hope you'll write something soon.

Thanks again for the note.

simon n josh said...

Yeah, I guess you could call it that.

Thanks for the note. Hope you got those hats ready.

Justkyut said...

@JM.. yep bro.. more to come, stay tuned. LOL! You may check Dakki for superman caps. But if you see one there, better grab it because next time you won't see it. They only produce one design per month. So it's limited edition.

@leon.. your welcome.. I think I had dreamed of that plot LOL! Your welcome.

@simon n josh... ready! are we going somewhere with the hats? LOL!


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