Monday, October 6, 2008

Tattoo.. Tattooed..

My sister and I are planning on getting henna tattoos. Yeah I know... Your thinking why don't we get the real ones. Even if we wanted to, in the industry we belong to, we cannot have permanent tattoos.

A year ago or 2 years ago, I got a Henna Tattoo and it stayed on my arm for about 2 to 3 weeks. This is the henna tattoo I had,

Yeah Tribal design. Love it! I want to have another one somewhat tribal too. I got muscles during those times LOL! Others say tattoos are not decent to look at on a person. Well, that depends on how one carries it. One time I was watching Ripley's believe it or not, there was this son that when his father died he literally framed the skin of his father and put it up in his cafe. This is to keep his father's legacy alive. His father's body is covered with tattoos.

How about you, are you willing to have a tattoo on your body? If yes, what design you will have?


DOPS said...

Tattoooooo! masakit un! hehe... pero kung henna lang ok lang =)

Ang gusto kong tattoo? hmmm..wala din akong maisip hehe, di din kase ako mahilig sa tattoo... siguro kung pipilitin, ung mukha ni misis =P

Justkyut said...

@dops.. LOLLLzzz Sir! loyalista ka ke misis ha hehehe. Thanks for droppin' by Sir. Sa bakasyon Sir itry mong pa henna tattoo

wutthi.20 said...

In your site i learned somethig about tattoo's site. i will keep reading. Thanks ^_^

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JM said...

Haha cool henna, bro last summer ngpalagay ako henna sa bora and when I come home galit na galit Mom ko akala nya It was a real tattoo kasi dat summer din I have my ear pierced. Hahaha. Kung kelan daw ako tumanda tsaka ako ngpapalagay ng mga ganon.hehehe

justkyut said...

@ wutthi.20.. hello. tnx for droppin' by. tnx for the site, I'll check it out =)

@JM... ngek! hahaha! ganyan tlga mga mothers natin. Well, lucky for me my mom did not say anything. Oo nga eh, khit ako, ngayong tumanda ako ngayon ako ngkaganito rin. Bro, ganito cguro ito. LOL! May balak ka pang magpa henna tattoo?

Gerald said...

Hi.. this'll be my first time to drop a comment. haha! I'll now return the favor kasi you've been so generous to comment on my entries. :)

one of my "goals" is to have a yin yang tattoo on my nape kaya lang i know it'll be a great issue not only for my mom but to the whole "sarmiento clan". baka ma-disinherit ako. ouch yon. laughs.

so far, henna is doing well for me. i regularly have my henna done. at least i can change the design from time to time (whenever i feel bored). of course, its always a "yin yang". :) i'll post some pics on my blog one of these days. :)

***i would suggest that you configure your blog settings and disregard having these 'word verification' thingie so it'll be easier to drop a comment. :)

thanks for reading my entries. :)

Justkyut said...

@gerarld... tnx for droppin' by. I have done your request, LOL!

Yep good thing there is henna tattoo. It's really for those who do not want a permanent one. I curious about the multi-colored henna tattoos...


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