Thursday, October 16, 2008

The unexpected

I never expected that something like this would suddenly happen to me. I was still feeling alright and okay last Monday. So I did my usual routine and stuffs. Come Tuesday night, when I woke up and set myself to go to work, my left cheek is swollen. I cannot open my mouth. I can only murmur. I cannot eat and open my mouth. I feel pain inside my mouth. I thought I have mumps again. But I have to try and eat in order for me to take pain reliever. I ate and took the meds and went to work. I still feel pain on my left cheek. When I arrived at work, I directly went to our company clinic. The doctor is in. So He asked me what I feel, what did I do these past few days and what did I ate and so on. He checked on my mouth and found out that my gum is swelling and there is something like a pimple on my gum. The doctor gave me antibiotics and told me to see my dentist.

The next day, which was yesterday, I went to see my dentist and had my gum checked. He told me that the cause of that is because of the tooth filling I had 2 years ago that was done by my former dentist. That tooth my dentist is referring to was the same tooth I had been complaining about to my former dentist and he found out that the tooth filling on it was removed. Maybe because I was putting a lot of pressure to my tooth when I brush my teeth. So my former dentist did a new tooth filling but this time he used Composite Resin Filling, This type of tooth filling is colored to look like a natural tooth and is made of plastic. Going back to my dental check up yesterday, my dentist had my tooth x-ray last year and found out that the Composite Resin Filling that my former dentist put on my tooth did not completely filled the tooth with the composite resin. What happened is the bottom part of my tooth has no composite resin that caused the bottom of my tooth to be damaged and resulted to tooth ache. What my dentist did after the x-ray, he removed the composite resin and put on Amalgam Fillings. This filling is the one that most of us use, the silver metallic one. My dentist said after putting on the Amalgam, "let's see what will happen to your tooth after 1 year. If it won't have any reaction to your tooth or gum, then you need not to worry about it". So I had this Amalgam filling last year.

Almost a year later, that was yesterday, my dentist found out that the tooth he filled with Amalgam reacted and causing my gum to swell. Bummer! So he told me that there are two ways that he can do to remove the swelling. One is to do root canal (ouch!) or the usual extract tooth (ouch again!). He instructed me not to eat stench or rancid foods and finish taking the antibiotics. After finishing the antibiotics, I can come back and tell him if I want root canal or tooth extract. Talking about my diet, so I had to eat all meat until this tooth is extracted. Oh well, I need to follow what my doctor said. Now, I'm feeling a bit better than last Tuesday night. I thought when I woke up at that time, my cheek was bitten my an insect.


aiLee920 said...

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jm said...

how are you bro?

tnxs for all the info bout dogs.

bro it is awkward to post my new pics in my account, na kita ako usually kasi i always wanted my pics na hindi ako masyado kita. haha

anyway take care. im just too busy these days! i could not make any updates on my blog

Ivy said...

oh..I feel for you. I hope you get better. I had something similar to that last year..but my tooth had cracked and I got an infection..and he swelled so much my eye was closed and I could hardly breath. I ended up in the emergency room. After the antibotic and the infection was gone..I got the root canal. I'm glad I did. It all started with a salad from Wal-mart. Something hard was in that salad that I bit down on..I have no idea what it was.

Take care of yourself. Rest.


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