Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's been years since I last saw you

But you never left my mind and heart

I now believed that first love cannot be forgotten

It's different from love at first sight

Memories of you still occupies my mind

I can't forget the times that we were together

And the times that we need to part ways

But we manage to cope up those lost times

I had dreamt of you today

And as I open my eyes to my dismay

Your not beside me but I know your happy now

With your family and beautiful kids

Today is your Natal Day

Your special day that I won't forget

It brings back my memories of you

Everytime this day comes in a year

Even though we have separate lives

And we are against all odds

I'll still cherish and think the times

That we were together, til the end

Happy happy Birthday to you! I wish you can read this entry just for you


just Ivy said...

aw..that's sweet. very lovely.

simon n josh said...

Yeah, there is something going on with Lauren & Laleh.

laleh n lauren moment said...

Well, most of the stuff with Laleh & Lauren go on over in Ivyoaks. said...

This might have been the first time...I think.

aiLee920 said...

wat a touching poem... hehe:)

Leon said...

Thanks so much for the comment. Really love the poem you wrote. I know its personal. Its really beautiful.

JM said...

wow man that is tough, i think it took you a lot of courage and a lot of love to post this!


DOPS said...

well said! very touching =)

Kmsta po?



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