Saturday, August 16, 2008


I went out into the streets
looking at people passing by
I'm hoping to see a familiar face
That would uplift my spirits

But looking again at those people
I don't know who they are or where they are going
They are just there passing by in front of me
Going to their own destinations

But as they pass by me, their eyes are questioning me
Their eyes as they look at me, are judging me
Who are they to look at me like that
Where in fact they don't know me at all

Who are they to judge me, they are not God
God alone judges people
In this world, why are there people that judge those people they don't even know
How can I prove myself to them if they judge me the way I look

As I bow my head down and close my eyes
I can feel their judging eyes looking straight at me
Shall I go now and just do what I must do?
Or shall I stay and prove them that their judegement is wrong?

I just hope one of those people passing by me
Will just hold my hand and lead the way
Away from all these judging people
That I thought are comfortable with my presence

1 comment:

DOPS said...


two things i learned in this life, that to be free and be yourself... live the life according to how and what you want it to be, and be free from the norms... do not let others affect you, you know yourself more than they do, so be strong and head high...

tyy po pla sa visit, and yes, andito lng kaming blog friends mo =)



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