Sunday, August 10, 2008

A L O N E...

I sit on the floor wondering and thinking
Alone again and no stars twinkling
As this night I wish won't repeat again
I no longer don't know what to do 'coz it's driving me insane

When you need me, I'm there
But when I need you, your not here
I no longer want to depend on you
But my heart desires for you

Why it has to be this way?
I do not have a choice but to accept it anyway
Sitting in an empty room, feeling sullen and alone
I don't know what needs to be done

I know your already asleep at this time
But did you think of me before bedtime?
Who am I to question you
All I can do is to understand you

I'm just a friend or a bestfriend to you
Who is there for you
Making sure your alright
Before another day shines bright


DOPS said...

Hi Justkyut,

kakalungkot naman po ng sentimyento mo jan... yaan mo, andito naman kaming friends mo sa blog...


Justkyut said...

Sir Dops! salamat po. Alam ko po busy ka rin. ingat po =)


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