Thursday, August 7, 2008

Say What??

I was on my way home from work and then my cellphone vibrates. I checked to see who sent me SMS(text message). It's from a friend and she made me think with the message she forwarded to me. I'd like to share the text message to you that somewhat made me think until I got home. LOL!

The text message is...

Boyfriend: Last night on our anniversary, my girlfriend demanded I take her some place expensive...

... so I took her to a gas station. She got angry,

Did I do something wrong? Or should I have brought her to the rice seller? =D

That is the text message, I don't know if I will be laughing or be sadden. Laughing because the boyfriend thought that silly thing to bring the girlfriend to a gas station because the girlfriend did not specify if it is an expensive restaurant or hotel, something like that. Sadden because gas and even diesel is really hitting every Filipinos pocket rock bottom and hard! Prices of gas and diesel are soaring high every week here in the Philippines. Before on a 500 pesos you can get a full tank gas for your vehicle, but now, you will think twice if you will still bring your vehicle or just ride the jeepney or just take a walk or ride your bike in going to one place or another.

There are already electric cars or solar cars that are being invented nowadays. Some electric jeepneys are already giving free public rides in a village in Makati, Manila. I wonder when will that cover the entire Philippines. I was browsing the net and saw this model of what they call a "Bricycle".

The Bricycle electric recumbent bike is up there with the Tesla Roadster in terms of sex appeal -- even though it kind of looks like a futuristic delivery truck.

It is designed to transport one person as efficiently as possible, the Bricyle isn't completed yet, but it's got a 48-volt electric-assist motor for when you get tired of pedaling through the 21 bicycle gears, and disc brakes for quick stops. It is being developed by someone named Brian. Do you think this can be the next generation in terms of transportation? I love cars but can this replace a car? This will lower the cost of gas and diesel once this is fully developed.


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