Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Listening...

I have always been a fan of music. Different types, different genre... The songs I would like to hear depends on my mood. Up-beat to slow music. Lately, I am being burdened by problems that I didn't expect that would come. But that's life and problems are there... part of one's living. As I was thinking of a way to resolve my problems, I also think of a way to soothe and relieve myself from stress. I usually put my MP3 player and listen to the music I wish to hear that is downloaded. But I have already forwarded and forwarded the songs on my MP3 but nothing soothes and relieved me. And then I remember a song that my bestfriend listens to in her office when office hours is done for the day. When I first heard the song, I felt relaxed and relieved. Also the title of the song, relates to why do I have this problems now, well, I "don't know why". So tonight before I lay myself to sleep, I opened my computer and looked for the song on the internet because it is not yet downloaded on my MP3 player. I want to share the song to you, yes you... so here is the song. I hope you will feel relaxed and relieved too, enjoy =)

Dont Know Why - Norah Jones

Just love the melody of the song...

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