Monday, June 23, 2008

Cool Phones!

Here are some cool phones that are out this summer time in the United States. Some of these phones might hit the Philippine Market. Well... I do not know when. But you might have seen one at the mall or a cellphone retailer store. Mobile Phones or Cellphones, they say are the trendy fashion of Gadgets and Technology. Here are some of the cool phones....

LG Glimmer
This new slider phone from LG has a large 2.8-inch touchscreen and a touch keypad that provides vibration feedback. It's a sturdy phone with a multi-file format music player, 2-MP camera, GPS capability, stereo Bluetooth, and high-speed EV-DO data.

HTC Touch Dual
The two million unit-selling HTC Touch has been updated with a slide-down keyboard, giving you the option of touch diling or typing. The 20-key layout is much easier to use than the stylus while messaging, but the convenient touch swipes makes navigating menues on the 2.6" display quite speedy. The HTC Home Screen allows for quick viewing of your info. With a 2-MP camera, microSD, and HSDPA/Wi-Fi data, this Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone is an excellent device.

Motorola ROKR E8
Motorola's new ROKR E8 music phone includes ModeShift technology, which allows the phone to only display the touch controls you need, when you need them. In music mode, you'll see the typical nav buttons (play/pause, stop, skip, etc.). While viewing pictures, you'll see zoom controls. When making calls, the normal dial keypad reappears. The E8 touchpad provides good tactile feel, and the FastScroll wheel makes navigation a breeze.

Nokia N78
The Nokia N78 is a stylish (and unlocked) phone with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and GPS functionality. The phone automatically geotags the photos you take, allowing you to see the capture location within a map on the phone, or online. You can also wirelessly upload your photos to Flickr.

I think this Nokia N78 is already out here in Philippines. I think it cost around Php 20K.

Instinct by Samsung
Samsung's latest "iPhone killer" offers a compelling touch interface with 3G connectivity. It is also the first consumer phone to have EV-DO capability with access to Sprint's multimedia services and web browser. You can customize the screen menu to have easy access to contacts, Sprint TV, or your favorite website. You can download songs wirelessly and access turn-by-turn driving directions via TeleNav.


autumn said...

ayoko daw tignan baka kse mainggit daw ako. hehehehe.

pero ang cool ng mga phones na yan. ^^

Justkyut said...

hahahaha! di pa nman luma ung model ng phone mo. N series pa rin naman ung phone mo kya di pa sya nawawala sa uso.

nasa office ka siguro.. kumusta naman kya ang project mo po?

autumn said...

hindi pa rin daw tapos. waiting for a go-signal from some a^^hole people. haha. joke lang. pero yun nga. antay lang confirmation and some details tas matatapos na po.

'tong N73 ko eh ok pa naman nga. bigay 'to ng hubby ko kaya iniingatan ko rin somehow. ahehe.

gandang gabi pala. =]

autumn said...

ay, ano raw kutob mo sa mga post ko? o_O

Justkyut said...

may sentimental value yan alam ko po.

hmmm... ang babagal naman ata kumilos ng mga a**hole pipol na yan? matadyakan ata dpat para gumalw galaw.. LOL!

good eve din po.. wala po me sa work nasa haus po me. bukas pa po me papasok, naka night off po ako. til what time po shift mo?

Justkyut said...

hahaha... paki email na lang po me dun sa email address ko sa profile ko tapos po sasabihin ko po sayo dun ;-)

autumn said... ba yun?

Justkyut said... po...


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