Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love to hear it...

Just want to share this song. It may sound not too good to you when it comes to pertaining to a relationship because of the lyrics. To me it sound good both the lyrics and the beat of the song. For me it's having your partner or special someone to be always beside when you need him/her the most. What if someday he/she goes away and the feeling is like you cannot breathe and the world turns it's back on you. Nevertheless, there is hope in every relationship. Closing your door to an ended relationship will not help you to move on. Instead, look at what's in store for you in the future. Life is only one, there is still someone out there for you. If there isn't, better live your life to the fullest and have faith in HIM.

Here is the song "How do I breath" by Mario, check it out:


autumn said...

you tube? di ko ma-view pag andito ako sa office. =[

Justkyut said...

pag-uwi mo na lang po ma'am dun mo po i-view at pakinggan =)


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