Thursday, June 26, 2008

Learning... Reviewing...

I know some are too techie that they are already using computer terms that you cannot relate to. Sometimes you are chatting with a techie person and suddenly told you about a techie word that you never heard before. I am not too techie myself. If I will rate myself of how much techie I am and 10 being the highest... I am a 7. I was reviewing my basic computer the whole night and I was in gasp because I have forgotten them. Thanks to the internet, I can research and find what I need because I really need them. It's been awhile since I last looked at the inside of a computer, that I know not all, knows what's inside their computers.

Here is what I was reviewing the whole night and now I am sleepy, LOL!

Above in the middle is the case of the computer with it's part (sorry I can't get more clearer view of the labels). Then below, on the left and right are the parts of the motherboard.

The computer just like the human body has it's parts for it to operate well. There you go, that's what inside of a computer.

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