Sunday, April 5, 2009

Observing Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday (Linggo ng Palaspas) for the year 2009. This is a part of the Lenten Season were Jesus Christ came and entered Jerusalem riding a donkey. People of Jerusalem welcomed Jesus Christ by waving their Palm branches and laying their cloaks on the path that Jesus Christ is taking.

Palm Branches or Palaspas

In each country they have their own way of celebrating Palm Sunday. Here in the Philippines, before the Mass begins, people wave their palm branches as the priest enters the church and blesses the branches with holy water. Afterwards, the holy mass is celebrated. Palm branches or Palaspas are taken home after the mass and are hung in doorways or above the windows. It is belief that by doing this, the family that is staying in the home were the blessed palm branches hung are protected from evil spirits and thunders.

This morning I was able to attend the morning mass at the Immaculate Concepcion in Sta. Maria, Balibago, Angeles City. There are many people that attended the mass to celebrate Palm Sunday. It was very hot inside the church. But still people managed to listen to the homily and have their Palm branches be blessed.

The altar of the church

Interior of the Church

Glass Windows representing the stations of the cross

People going infront of the altar to have their Palm branches be blessed with Holy Water

As the priest said, this week is Holy Week starting today until next Sunday of Easter. We should repent from our sins and think of the sacrifices that Jesus Christ spent for us to live a life that we have today. I do hope that this week won't be a week of vacation or family outing but a week of prayers and remembering the life that God gave us.

I wish I could have Visita Iglesia or church visitations this Friday and visit the Pabasa (literally meaning reading or to read) where in the story of Jesus Christ from birth to death is told in narrative poetry.or in a poetic way. Also to watch the Flagellants this Thursday and Friday. Let's all pray for peace and serenity all over the world this Holy Week.


aiLee920 said...

wow... heheheh:D kame we went to our usual church kanina and we did observe the palaspas day... heheheh:D

aiLee920 said...

hehehhe wala ako photos dun eh... hahahha:D hmmmmm,,,, peo baka punta kame ng cavite sa sat-sunday... maybe dun ako magkakaphotos hehhehe:D

mediu adik ako ngaun sa FB eh,,,, pet society.....

Ann said...

isa yan sa mga bagay na na mimiss ko sa pinas, lalo dito sa lugar namin na sobrang higpit lalo sa mga ganyan.

the donG said...

looking forward to your holy week posts and hopefully your visita iglesia. i wanted to witness the flagellants there but im off for marinduque for the moriones. next year's holy week could be in pampanga.

Summer said...

Isa tlga ang pilipinas na nagbibigay ng importansya sa Holy week.;D And I'm proud of that,great post.Looking forward for your next post.;D
Have a wonderful and safe Holy week.;D

Solo said...

Happy holy week..=)

simon n josh said...

really a beautiful church..oh, wanted to let you know in my story..finally, Amy is going to have her baby. I had to dig through my blog to find out just when she got pregnant now..oh well, I thought it was time to write about that.


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