Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday: Church and Flagellants

I was sick the moment I woke up last night I have a few rashes on my right arm some on my left arm and on my back. I don't know how I got them. Luckily they are not itchy or else they would become wounds because I can't help but scratch them.But I had to get to work. I couldn't afford to absent myself. Even if I'm chattering my teeth because I am cold at work, I was able to surpass and finished my shift at work. I was praying the whole time asking to get me through my shift. At the end of my shift I no longer feel dizzy and cold. Since I was not able to do Visita Iglesia, I decided to drop by at the church before I went home.

There are lots of people in the church. I reached the church by 7:30am and there will be station of the cross by 8am and the parade of saints later in the afternoon. I can't attend the parade because I need to sleep and equip myself for another night at work and I could not be going to work again dizzy and cold. Actually my head still hurts as I am doing this entry. But I still managed to take some photos at the church before I went home.

Here are the photos of Sto.Rosario (Holy Rosary) Parish Church in Angeles City, Philippines.

The Exterior of the Church

The Interior of the Church

This one above will be used later at the parade

Holy Rosary Parish Church is the biggest church here in Angeles City. It is in the heart of the City. You won't miss it if you go here.

As I am walking home from church, I saw many flagellants in the street near our barangay and people mostly by-standers are in the streets. Every year there are about more than a 100 flagellants that devot themselves to this practice. Good Friday is where most of the flagellants in our barangay lined up to go to pabasa (literal meaning to read or reading) and tell their intentions to God. I think they visit 9 pabasa in one day, some 12. I remember when I was still about 4 or 5 years old, I used to be scared of flagellants and I hide myself from them thinking that they would get me.This time, I followed them going to the pabasa build by my relatives infront of their home. And took a few shots.

First Batch of Flagellants

The KIA service vehicle above is covered with plastic to protect it from the blood stain

Second Batch of Flagellants

Actually I missed another batch of flagellants. The street above is one block away from where I live.

Let us not forget the true meaning of Holy Week. Let us remember that Jesus Christ gave his life for us to live in this world. I know we have different beliefs but nonetheless, faith strengthens ones belief. This Sunday will be Easter Sunday. The day that Jesus Christ came back to life and renewed our faith in Him. Advance Happy Easter to all!


aiLee920 said...

heheheh:D nice shots!!!
asar nga at nasira ung cam ko,,, hindi na nagfflash.... huhuhu:D
sure, that's the reason why kung bket ako sumama sa roadtrip na un... hehehehe

Rio said...

anong ginagawa ng naka green na mama sa likod ng isang flagellant?

pagaling ka justkyut=D

Summer said...

I hope na mgaling kna now fren.;D
Nakuha mo pa tlgang lumapit sa mga flaellant ha?!=) Pagaling ka..

~Viper~ said...

Teary-eyed learning about the intentions of lots of flagellants. It is still valuable to commemorate the passion and death of Jesus Christ and religiously obeserve the "Holy Week", for us all to be reminded how much God loves us, and somehow do our own sacrifices. While some carries their cross, and some whip their backs, let us be reminded to do fasting and abstinence of course.

Nice post here :)

Solo said...

yeeeeessss..Ganda tlga ng church ntin noh?! Isa sa mga maipagmamalaking simbahan..Ganda n post mo fren.;D

DOPS said...

Grabe ang mga pics mo JK, as in...diko na tuloy mabasa ang txt kase napa-focus ako sa mga pics...

Naalala ko tuloy ung movie ni mel gibson...


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