Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's nice to be back! Game time!

Atlassst! I am finally officially back playing one of my favorite sports. Never mind the scourging heat of the sun. I started playing again Lawn Tennis last month. But unlike before, I was playing almost 4 times a week. But now I can't for I have lots to do but I still manage to play Lawn Tennis atleast twice or thrice a week. I'm glad that I am back playing because I also need to lose weight LOLz! I wish I could go back to dancing too. But for the meantime, playing Lawn Tennis is what I shall do. This is my stress buster and weight buster, LOL!

Here are the photos I took at the tennis court where I play.

Angeles City, Philippines

Coach Ric Manalo

Coach Ric is one of the coach or trainer of the Lawn Tennis players in Angeles City. He also trains some players who are taking part on the National Games on Lawn Tennis. His wife and 2 kids are lawn tennis players too. His daughter Nikki Manalo is a champion in lawn tennis. I forgot which division she is included. Also his son Joshua Manalo is also a lawn tennis champion. Coach Ric teaches lawn tennis to kids as early as 2 years old. There is no age limit as long as one can still play tennis. He teach basic, advance and professional tennis. His hard work, patience and skills molds the lawn tennis players of Angeles City. During his time, he won several championships in lawn tennis. I am amazed on how he teaches lawn tennis to kids because in just one week, a kid can play lawn tennis for beginners. There are some kids that really don't have the talent in playing this sport, however, Coach Ric will not give up that easily once he know a kid has a potential in playing lawn tennis. He teaches from morning even high noon until late afternoon depending on the available time of the person he will teach or train.

Here are some of the kids that he teach to learn lawn tennis

These are Alfred and Paula Inofre, they are siblings

Alfred takes the shot and...

Follows through.

Paula or Pau takes her shot and...

Follows through.. nice!

This is Alfred. They call him Red for short. He is 9 years old. Last year both of them started taking lawn tennis lessons from Coach Ric. They only get to play lawn tennis when they are here in Angeles City because they go to school in Manila. I get to chat with them during their break time taking lessons. Red is a shy type kid but once you ask him about computer stuffs and online computer games, he starts to talk and talk, LOLz! At his age, he can already play lawn tennis. I was not able to see them last week for they took a vacation and I hope I could see them next week.

It's a bit difficult to teach lawn tennis to kids because if they don't have the confidence and initiative to learn the sport, they won't learn and would easily get iritated. Coach Ric once told me he taught a 2 years old kid who is still wearing her diaper as Coach Ric teaches her. She can hit 10 to 15 tennis balls. After that she would tell Coach Ric "ayaw ko na (I don't want anymore)", LOLz! Then they will stop the lesson and resumes the next day hehehe.. I saw that kid once, she is beautiful like a little cherubin. I salute Coach Ric for his patience and perseverance in teaching lawn tennis.

I will post more of my courtside lawn tennis adventure next time so stay tuned! =)


aiLee920 said...

it's nice to know that you play Lawn Tennis and you even like to dance... hehehe:D
uzta ka na ba??
hindi ka na nabisita sa aking sanctuary ah... (parang FB ang sanctuary ko ngaun LOL)

gonna watch out for more of your courtside lawn tennis adventure posts.... hehehe

lalaine said...

gusto ko din matuto nyan... kaso ang alam ko lang eh table tennis... tamad kase ako lumabas eh :D

baka pwede magpaturo sau ng free.. kaso ang layo nyan... sa qc lang ako eh.. hehehe

Summer said...

Looking forward on your next post bout your sport..;D
Btw,glad to know that still want to lose weight.hahaha.Just kidding.;D
Have a great day.

Solo said...

Wow! Nman may sports ka pla.;)
O cge carereen na ang pagbabawas ng timbang.=)
Just give us updates according to this big issue of your life.ahehehe..=)

the donG said...

wow! we should play one time. hehehe...

kcatwoman said...

uy great exercise nga daw ang tennis. more power!

Anonymous said...

parang ang sarap matuto kaso mukhang expensive sports ito.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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