Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my BFF says...

Last day of the month of March 2009, how time flies huh. The heat of the sun, you cannot beat even if you will take a bath often or drink ice cold refreshments. Anyway, I am online and was able to catch my BFF online too. I miss her so much. We chat and catch up with each others lives. Then I came across these questions from let's say I got from another blog. Just to know and I got curious, I asked these questions to my BFF. Well actually, we took turns in asking these questions to one another. Here are the questions and my BFF's answers.

1. What is something Justkyut always say to you?
~~~you eat (even if I tell her that, she won't do it on time..grrr)

2. What makes Justkyut happy?
~~~~it makes you happy knowing that people you love, loves you unconditionally (what can I say?)

3. What makes Justkyut sad?
~~~it makes you sad knowing that the love and effort you give is not worth it/failed relationships (*sigh)

4. How does Justkyut makes you laugh?
~~~whenever u remind me how forgetful i am you make me laugh (bath 25 minutes, remember?)

5. What was Justkyut like as a child?
~~~a cute child. You didn't know i'm watching you from afar (I know she blushed even if I didn't see it coz she was caught red handed, ehe)

6. How old is Justkyut?
~~~25 (she really thought I was only 25. Well the looks can be deceiving hehehe)

7. How tall is Justkyut?
~~~(it's just between her and me, in short secret)

8. What is Justkyut's favorite thing to do?
~~~writing and photography, taking care of your dog, taking care of me and kids (nah i'm not a busy person)

9. What does Justkyut do when you're not around?

10. If Justkyut becomes famous, what will it be for?
~~~famous in dancing

11. What is Justkyut really good at?
~~~dancing and in showing your love

12. What is Justkyut not very good at?
~~~not very good in handling an intimate relationship u pamper ur partner too much (huggies.. huggies...!!)

13. What does Justkyut do for her job?
~~~you are giving your best, not just for the incentives, but because u love what ur doing, and trying to enjoy every moment of it

14. What is Justkyut's favorite food?
~~~i remember u like baked macaroni... u like McDonalds (she's unsure but she says I eat a lot, LOLz!)

15. What makes you proud of Justkyut?
~~~i'm proud of you because you're the jack of all trade. (that's exactly what she said)

16. If Justkyut were a cartoon character, who would he be?
~~~winnie the pooh..hugable (do I need to say more?)

17. What do you and Justkyut do together?
~~~chatting (I miss talking to her in person)

18. How are you and Justkyut the same?
~~~same for being emotional

19. How are you and Justkyut different?
~~~you're tougher than i (she added that I'm makulit and she isn't *scratching my head*)

20. How do you know Justkyut loves you?
~~~immeasureable... it's felt... it's not to be known (blushing to the snow and a one....sing it I don't know the rest of the lyrics)

21. Where is Justkyut's favorite place to go?
~~~in front of his pc... mall... (thick glasses already, don't want contact lens.should I change the place to go?)

Thanks BFF for answering those questions honestly even though you have read my thoughts even if were far apart, I know you knew what I was thinking when I read the questions and answers coz you reacted, LOL! Well, you know me don't you. Thank you for your time today and I hope we can have the same chit-chat next time.

I won't tag anyone with this post cause I know everyone is busy planning for their long vacation and some are busy preparing for graduation. Congratulations to those who will be graduating this months of March and April. It's another chapter of your journey after graduation.


Summer said...

Wow!That was a great post.I enjoy reading it so much..;D
And i must admit that i'm touched on what you say,that you really miss talking to her in person..=(
I know how hard to be far on your love ones..Be strong friend.Nice post.;D

viper said...

~dashing to the snow, in a one horse open sleigh~

~blushing from her cheeks, in a one friend named viper~

~o'er the fields we go, laughing all the way~

ok, sing it!

Nonoy said...

Oh sooo sweet..;D
I'm sure and i believe that you really miss her a lot..;D Nice post,love this.;D

the donG said...

quite unique that you made BFF answer it. hmmm... a lot of things is in both of you.

Lalaine said...

sweet naman ni bff! wala pa bang pic ang doggie mo? hehehe


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