Thursday, January 1, 2009

MiNd MaTtEr On LuCkY '09

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Well I did the usual last night before the night struck twelve. I went to hear mass at 8pm and went home after that. As I was walking going to church to hear mass, I almost met an accident. There are kids playing by the side of the road and some of the kids were lighting firecrackers. I thought they were just lighting a small firecracker on a stick so I kept my distance just in case the firecracker starts to crack. To my surprise, the firecracker suddenly swoosh itself towards me and only I think about 3 feet away from me the firecracker blasted in front of me. It was a baby rocket firecracker. The kids lighted it in a wrong way that's why it suddenly flew towards me. Lucky for me it did not hit my face. That was too close. I was a bit shocked. After I have recovered only a few minutes, I went on my way going to church still thinking what had happened. But I silently thank the Lord and thought that it was not my time.

After church I went home straight with my family. I met my family at church because they went ahead due to I was still asleep at the time they went to church. At home, we barbecued some pork and hotdogs and opened the wine. I was minding my dog inside my room because I want her to feel comfortable since fireworks are starting to be heard everywhere and the blasting makes her un-easy. Dogs can hear three to five times as we can. So what would you feel if you hear too much noise with all those blasting and everything. I think my head will spin. I was taking care of her when my brother called me and said that I have a visitor. Hmmm... Who could that be at this time and I was not expecting anyone. Then my brother told me it's our Aunt. My Aunt who is a bit older than me, I think only 3 years older than me. We were cliques when were still kids. I was 5 years old and she was 8 years at that time. So I went outside the gate and I asked if there is anything I can do for her or if there is any problem. Then she said "I have someone with me" and she pointed out to the girl beside her. She asked me, "do you still remember her?" I was thinking who is the girl and trying to back track if I have seen this girl before. I couldn't make up my mind who she is so I told my Aunt, okay I give up, who is she? Then she said it's your cousin, Karen! I said "Whoa! What the...!" And my cousin gave me a big hug. Just to give you a bit of background, Karen is my second cousin. We went to school together when we were 5 years old. She is the same age as me. We were cliques with our Aunt and a few friends in our neighborhood. With her two siblings, we were like brothers and sisters. Actually we have a kids dance troupe during the 80's. Whenever we have a family reunion or family gathering, we certainly dance our hearts out. But when we were 7 years, they had to migrate to U.S. with my uncle their dad(the one on my previous post before this one). So after 20 years of no communication, no nothing, she finally went back here to visit and see us.

Welcome home Cuz!

I look Stinky hehehehe... Well, I was barbecuing outside when she arrived, LOL! Beautiful, isn't she? It runs in the family, LOL! I know what your thinking, no that can't be. No I won't post our kids photos here. We look skinny when we were kids. Actually we were skinny during those days. Hey cuz, hope to see you in 2010.

By the way, don't make new year's resolution if you cannot keep them okay. If you make one and then your just not going to follow it after a few months or make an excuse not to do it, better do not make one. Just go on and do what you must for this whole year. I hope and pray that this year would be simple as last year. I thank the Lord for the previous years and I am surrendering this year to Him. May the Lord bless us all. Peace out! myspace graphic comments
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Lawstude said...

really a great time to welcome family and friends again. i enjoyed reading your blog.

anyways, just blog hopping here and droppin by to greet you happy new year.

simon n josh said...

Aw..sweet that your cousin came to visit. Sounds like a great time.

Hope you have a healthy new year and that your dog is getting better too.

JM said...


JM said...

Mukhang masarap yang barque na yan ahh. It feels so good kapag may umuuwing family members iba kasi tayong pinoy iba family ties natin!

Pahingi barbeque? HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN!

aiLee920 said...

hi!!! thanks for the comment you left.. wahahah:D compliment ba un!!! heheh LOL! um, may you have a happy new year!!! um, ask ko lang kung meron kang pics nung handa nio.. wahhaha:D hehehe:D keep safe and God bless!!!!

the donG said...

the way i see it, you're a good cook! hehehe.... happy new year to you!

Lalaine said...

Happy 2009 to you and your family! =)

Sue said...

Hi justkyut!
Happy new year for you too!!!
I'm sorry I saw your comments just now. I am doing ok, what about you?

Have a good week.


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