Friday, January 30, 2009

Juz Trippin'

Last week was my birthday, Wednesday (Thank you so much for the friends and fellow bloggers that greeted me!). Never mind the age, LOLz! I simply celebrated it with my love ones and my friend Elaine. But orginally, I want to go to Manila and just take a walk. Eventually, I had the chance to go to Manila last Tuesday, January 27. From work (night shift) I just went home to take care of my dog and eat breakfast and off I went to Manila(no sleep at all, hehehe). Well, I had to go to PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) to check on my renewal fees damages. Lucky for me there is no long line to wait and get to the renewal window. It only took 30 minutes for me to finish and got out of the place quickly because there are too many people swarming to register I think for the next board exams. I ate lunch and think where I should go next.

I found myself going to Intramuros. This I think is the entrance of the east wing going inside Intramuros.

The last time I went there was 10 years ago. I think the place improved from the last time I saw it. I just want to see some greenery. Good thing it's not hot, polluted or humid. It's just the right weather but it rained a little. Then it was cool wind blowing and clouds covering the rays of the sun. There are many stalls on one street of Intramuros and there was this big tent showcasing the products made from Mindanao. Sorry I didn't get any photos of the inside of the tent because it might not be allowed and I don't want to be scolded. But these are the things I saw outside of the big tent,

These are model build houses just outside of the big tent in Intramuros. I think the first two photos is called Bahay Tagalog or typically house of a Filipino. The last photo I forgot to check, LOL!

I was walking and walking and walking and then went to climb up the wall of Intramuros

Forrre!!! Hehehe Anyone want to play Golf?

Then I went down from the wall and next stop, Fort Santiago! I can't walk anymore so I crawled, LOLz!

Light a candle for your love one or say a prayer at Our Lady of Gudalupe

A chapel inside Fort Santiago constructed in 1773. A small and quiet place to pray and think.
I pray that may my Bestfriend be enlightened and be guided by the Holy Spirit. Amen

Plaza Moriones
I was looking under the bench for Red!

Red come out come out where ever you are!

I have a picture taken on this same spot 10 years ago

Fort Santiago Gate
The gate that tells history as it unfolds

Let's go through these gates

Plaza Armas and Rizal's Shrine (far left)

Dr. Jose P Rizal's Clothes

I got tired so I sat down on a bench and stared at this window which is located on the second floor of the Rizal's Shrine.

This is the pathway when you exit the Rizal's Shrine at the second floor. It is located along the wall of Intramuros.

Moat this is located infront of the Fort Santiago Gate

My digicam went dead so I had to take this photo using my phone

Those are the photos I have taken. I hope you have enjoyed them. I wish I have taken more photos but I think my digicam got tired too, LOLz! One thing I have learned here, never ever go without getting enought sleep first.


viper said...

Tama bang magparinig?!

Yeah, may I be enlightened... so help me God :)

nice photos, i love them! bitin nga lang.

aiLee920 said...

haiz... buti ka pa,, nakakapasyal... hehehe:D haiz, uu nga, u're so megabusy.... wahahaa

Summer said...

wow fren galing :D hehehe

Rio said...

galing naman at alam mo pa din yung same spot kung saan ka dati nagpa photo op..hehe
namiss ko na din ang intramuros ah..makapunta nga ulit..

the donG said...

beautiful shots! we also went there last december. it's a nice thing to visit a place that you havent been to for quite some time already.

Anonymous said...

I love Intramuros too. Hindi nakakapagod maglakad kasi maganda ang paligid. I used to be there from elementary to college. pero di pa rin ako nakakapunta ng Fort Santiago. di kasi ko pinasama ng aking ina nung nagfield trip ang school namin dun. :p


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