Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Child...

A child is born in this world
Who laughs and cries
Innocent as they are
Little Angels of this earth

A child who is not afraid of tomorrow
For they know that tomorrow is there caring for them
They don't worry too much
'Cause they know that they are being guarded

It's nice to be a child
It's worry-free
All you do is eat, sleep and play
And be ready what tomorrow might bring

You wish that you can go back being a child
Those memories of childhood times
Some are vivid and some instilled in memory
That you look back and remember

A child cute, cuddly and sweet
It's the starting stage of life

Into a journey in this world
Guided and molded for the future


aiLee920 said...

my birthday greeting might be late... but i want to let you know that im lucky enough to have you as my new online friend... hahah:D thanks for all you've done and for all your advices... hahaha:D
i wish you have more birthdays to come with us here at blogger.........

aiLee920 said...

awh.... how sweet... thanks for always making me smile when i read your comments!! hahahah:D don't worry... if i have time i will email you... hahahah:D

Anonymous said...

ikaw ba yung baby?

the donG said...

children are such a precious gift to the world. they represent joy!

Anonymous said...

haha. nanonood ka ng reunions!

DOPS said...

Hello! very nice description of how life is like when we are still young... how i wish i could go back and be a baby again, worry free..hehe...

but, im quite contented with what i am now, so i guess...pass na muna ako, hehe...

tyyy po sa pag visit, ska nice post po pra dun sa kasal ng friend mo, marriage is a new chapter in life and evrything is uncertain that is why the couple has to work hand in hand in the journey...


JM said...

Belated Happy Birthday! hehe sobrang late greeting ko eh!!!

Being a kid is being happy always, they dont worry about what they eat and what they will wear. Being a kid is to remind everyone that our life simple and plain.

Nice post!

Rio said...

eww...di ko alam na birthday mo...sori...
hahabol ako sa pagbati ha..
happy birthday...

ikaw ba yung nasa pic?


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