Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking Back (@_@)

I live a simple, complicated life. I like simple things and people. As long as I can survive daily, that's already happiness for me and I thank God for that. I don't own a fabulous house nor fancy cars. I'm contented with what I have right now with my family and a few close friends. Yeah I know, I'll be a hypocrite if I don't seldom dream to live a easy going life. But not for me alone. There are things I need to consider because I don't like that I am the only one happy with the things that I do. Sometimes, I think of others before I think of myself and then I ended up getting hurt. Pain, hurt, happiness are part of life. Life won't be complete without them.

At the first quarter of 2008, life for me is a bit easy. Same old routine. Go to work and then go home. The second quarter, well, I was busy and thinking a lot of things not for me but for others. Thinking about these and that, is that enough, how will I do this these and that. Those are what occupied most on the second quarter of the year 2008. That is why I turn those thoughts into words and came out in this blog. I needed an outlet. On the third quarter, things for me got a bit complicated. I got hurt and I was in pain emotionally. But I still got the hold of myself and everything that is infront of me. I must admit, this was the time that I got myself confuse and didn't know where to go or where is my place in this world. Things got complicated and at the same time I know I hurt a person that is special to me, a special friend. I didn't know that things got complicated and my friend got hurt without my knowledge. On the last quarter of this year, I regain my luck and everything went back to normal. Blessings came my way unexpectedly. I got my special friend back and gain my focus at work. But as this year ends, there is a bit of floss in my life that I wish I can handle it and find solutions before things get out of hand. I don't want to lose and in the end get hurt once again. I'll fight until to the last breath. I'll hold on even if it hurts. In prayers and God's grace, I know I can find a solution.

Still looking back to what I can't forget this year 2008, here are some photos or moments that I can't forget this year.

Oh, okay, alright... I admit, that's me wearing a suit with my bestfriend

Can't forget this evening at my bestfriend's youngest daugther 7th birthday

Like mother, like daughters.. Beautiful, aren't they?

Ofcourse the Car

One of the cars at the show is my friend's car

Lastly, my two uncles who went home this last week of October from U.S.
They haven't went home here in the Philippines for the past 20years.

My uncle wearing a red shirt with his son wearing a dark blue shirt (my cousin)

Also my other uncle who just came home here after 2 decades

Well that's about my year 2008 and I hope this coming year 2009, I won't get into trouble or something. And oh, lucky for me, I haven't got sick. I usually get sick during Decembers and January, don't know why. I hope I won't get sick next month, first month of the year 2009. I'll keep my faiths and hopes up and thank God for the blessings. I hope I can blog more next year.


Rio said...

wow...u look handsome on your suit..
buti ka pa at hindi nagkasakit this year...ako ata,puro sakit ang inabot ko e..hehe

happy new year

viper said...

whoa! this truly surprised me... our pictures. i'm glad to know that you're happy and contented. with regards to your pains, i know how difficult it is, but we just have to accept the truth that we may not please everyone and so many people around us tend to become too judgemental and others tend to misinterpret our actions, our friendship... but truly, i'm thankful for all your help, for the love you're sharing for the kids... thanks for a lot of things...

i may not be your very best friend because of my shortcomings and sensitivities, but i do hope that there is in your heart that says "i am a friend".

Have a Blessed and Bountiful 2009! :) Smile

Anonymous said...

happy new year! :)

tc fan fic said...

This was such a wonderful post.

Wishing you a great new year to stay healthy and wise.

the donG said...

saya nga pag may mga balikbayan na pamilya. kaya laging masaya ang buhay ng pinoy. walang krisis krisis. hehehe...

happy happy new year!

simon n josh said...

A great look back. Wishing you lots of happiness in the future. Thanks for the comments and you being you. All the best on writing and your other creative adventures.


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