Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time to play...

Whew! It has been busy days for me. Lots and lots and lots of things that is on my mind and I kept on thinking. People in the Philippines are being bothered because of left and right economic crisis. So, where do we stand now? How are we in the next months? I'm starting to feel matured. Geezzz, I don't want to look matured! Aside from economic crisis, ofcourse, there is my personal life to think of.

Stop! I got a chance to play with my baby for awhile. As I have blogged about her last time, she thinks that she is being neglected because I am busy.

She's getting smarter everyday. She knows what time she is suppose to go out. When it's time, she just look at me and wag her tail.

I know that you also feel tired and sometimes stressed, but it's better to take some time off with your family and have fun.


Ann said...

hehehe..I thought totoong anak mo yung "baby" na sinasabi mo.

Justkyut said...

ay hindi po hehehe.. parang bata rin po yang dog ko at marunong magselos hehehe


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