Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Continuation of my previous blog...

The man's name is Kyle and woman's name is Audrey. They are living together now for 1 year and 8 months or 20 months. Things for them in their relationship is getting blurry and Kyle do not know until when they will be together. Audrey is in the state of self-pity and sadness because this is the first time in 21 years that she has no work and cannot sustain the needs of her mother.

Kyle on the other hand make a point that whatever Audrey needs, he provide as long as he could. Sometimes Audrey gets into tantrums that Kyle cannot understand. Until they got into a big argument, it's their first big argument since they started out together. Audrey is nagging Kyle. She is nagging about Kyle's bestfriend. On the other hand, Audrey do know all about Kyle's bestfriend and she only met the bestfriend once since Audrey and Kyle were together.

He is trying to understand why she is nagging about it. But he tries to calm himself but couldn't because she is already insulting the bestfriend he only known. He can no longer keep his silence with the way she is talking about his bestfriend. He argued with her, fighting for his bestfriend. She was continuously nagging him this time in a louder voice. Before he could do anything to her, Kyle steps out of the room and left her. He needed space to think things over.

He opened his computer and got online and looked for his bestfriend to chat with because he needed someone to talk to at that moment to calm himself. Luckily his friend is online and has time out of his busy schedule to talk with him. They chatted and Kyle vent out his emotions, all his emotions to his bestfriend and revealing things that he could not believe can tell to his bestfriend. At this time, Kyle is emotional. Do know what to think. His bestfriend is in a hurry now to go to an office meeting.

So there was Kyle, alone again thinking what had happened. He just kept on asking himself to why Audrey is acting not herself lately. Then he begun to think that Audrey is a bit sick, no work, cannot see her mother at this time. Kyle understood the feeling of Audrey. He thought that it was the end of their relationship. As the days came by, Audrey and him are a bit back to normal having normal conversations the way they used to. But Audrey sometimes opens up their argument leading Kyle to just let Audrey vent out. He do not want to think that Audrey is jealous and insecure over his bestfriend.

As much as possible he is allotting his time for Audrey. They are now conversing like before and no arguments but Audrey is still somehow jokingly telling Kyle about nonsense against his bestfriend. Nonsense that Kyle does not pay attention anymore. I do hope Audrey will finally think that Kyle will not leave her for another person.

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