Saturday, July 12, 2008

City life.. or province...

I grew up in the city. Everyday I see how the city prosper. The busy streets, people and different types of vehicle. It's kind of tiring for me living in the city. I wanted to live in a place where the air is fresh and cool. Where each morning you hear birds whistling embracing a new day. Seeing the green trees and vast land. The high mountain being gleamed by the morning sun. Whoa! that's what I call living. Unfortunately, I don't get to see these each time I wake up everyday.

A few months ago, I was invited to attend a fiesta at a nearby province. Even if the province is near where the city I live in, I did not get the chance to go there because of the busy life living in the city. It is my first time to go the province. But the mountain of the province I can see from a-far when I am in the city. So for me, it will be a new adventure and scenery if I will go near that mountain. I love nature but don't get the chance to see one and since I was invited to go to that province, lucky for me! Let's go to Mount Arayat!

What a great site huh! I wish we can have more of these places.

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