Monday, May 12, 2008

mOtIvAtIoN.... do you have it?

A friend of mine is a blogger here and I have read some of his blogs that motivated me to create and write my own blog. At first I was hesitant to create a blog, my very own blog and my friend said try it and it would be your own world. I said WOW! my very own. To cut the story short, here is my blog now.

Many or some of us are afraid to try new things in life because of the possibility of failure or getting negative feedback from other people. Me too, sometimes I am afraid to try new things in my life but if I really wanted to try it or someone or something motivates me to do it, I'll find time to pursue it.

There is so much to do and many things that we can do but at this point in time with all the crisis and nature problem that we are encountering, many are busy to cope up with the crisis by working hard and making sure that everything will be fine. Some already forgets how to mingle, socialize and relax. Family first, that is what I think in these times of crisis. It is only now that I feel the crisis in this country and no wonder many would like to work abroad. Me too if given a chance because it is not only for me but for my family. That is the motivation for me to work everyday. To get up and fix myself and be ready to get to work.. my Family. I think most of the people thinks of their family first. Especially in a Filipino setting, family first is what most of my kababayan or countrymen thinks first.

What is Motivation? According to Mr. Webster, it means the act or process of motivating, the condition of being motivated, a motivating force, stimulus, or influence.

Is there such thing as good and bad motivation? For me a good motivation is applying your effort towards doing good to yourself, family, friends and people around you. Taking your time and effort to doing good and the outcome is to benefit yourself and people around you. Benefit in a form of feeling good about yourself but not the benefit of getting favors or material things. Of course, bad motivation is doing things that would outcome negative things or not acceptable to the society. Why are there some people takes time and effort to do things that are not acceptable? Is it because they are the only one that would benefit on that effort? Sad to say, but that's what it looks like.

But why do things that will only benefit you and why not do things that would benefit the many people? If you are still thinking why, just look around you and what is happening around you. What is happening now in this crisis is because in the past, people intend to do things that will only benefit them and not looking towards the benefit of the many people in the future. If we will not motivate ourselves or motivate others in giving importance with water, electricity and food, then in the coming year of 2024, it might be true that all water, electricity and food resources will be lost. We must motivate ourselves and others to use them appropriately.

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