Sunday, May 25, 2008

Evolution of Mobile Phones

Communication is very much used to whatever country we belong and whatever language we use. Also there are different kinds, types and forms when communicating. Some of us in order to communicate with another country, tries to learn the language to remove the communication barrier and better communicate with one another. We use snail mail, email, instant messages, chat, blogs to communicate. But what I think is being used by many either they are in the lower class, middle class or upper class in ways of communicating is a Mobile Phone or Cellular phone.

There was one time that I thank the inventor of the mobile phone because it helped me a lot in my daily activity. It is easy for me to reach a love one, friend or co-worker just by using a Mobile Phone. Hassle free too because you do not need to see the person that you need to communicate to immediately, you just need to send him/her an SMS (text message) or just by calling him/her directly. What a convenient way to communicate huh. Every year new mobile phones are being released and being bought by many. But did you think about how the oldest mobile phone looks like? The younger generations today only know the mobile phone that already have a camera on it and you can download files and music using a mobile phone. Just to give you an overview of how the mobile phone looked like, see this video about "The Evolution of Mobile Phones".

Isn't it amazing how Mobile Phones changes every year?


Jules said...

Hello fren. My first phone is like sony ericsson. :) I like sony ericsson better than any other phones around. they are durable and don't depreciate that quick. well i guess they have a considerably useful functionality. =) nokia phones are like, uggghhh

Justkyut said...

I'll consider looking for sony ericsson phone this time instead of Nokia. Any suggestion which specific unit of Sony Ericsson? I like more that has the ability to take clear photos and I can listen music at the same time


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