Saturday, May 31, 2008

Human Tetris

When I was in Elementary at a young age, I like to play video games. My uncle introduced me to Atari during those times and then at my teenage years my father introduced to me Nintedo games. Then when I was in college, the very first Play Station machine was introduced to me by my friends which I very much enjoyed playing because of the enhanced graphics compared to Atari and Nintendo games. I really enjoyed playing video games including Tamagochi =)

But I can only play these video games when I am at home and no schoolwork(homework) and of course it is not a school day. Weekends I can play the video games that I like, however, what if I would be going out or the TV set is being used by my siblings or parents. Then I cannot play the video games that I like. So I discovered Tetris. A pocket video game that I can bring wherever I go. Here is the game Tetris that I used to play just to give you an idea. It's a bit long but just to give you an idea.

Isn't it amazing where your mind would work to think and organize your thoughts to decrease the blocks in order for you not to be gamed over. What a game huh!

Now do you know that Japanese has another way of playing Tetris? Yeah, they do have another way of playing Tetris. It looks weird though but it's funny. Check this one...

Did you enjoyed that? :-D

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