Saturday, May 24, 2008

The comedian and actress....other side of Miss Giselle Sanchez...

I think almost everyone knows Giselle Sanchez, "the" Giselle Sanchez that we see on our TV screens especially on the TV shows of SST and Kwarta O Kahon (I think I saw her there, correct me Miss Giselle if I'm wrong), Movie theaters (the latest one is the Manay Po 2), and now her new TV Commercial about a detergent soap. But do you know that she also writes her own blog? That I know you don't know =)

Yesterday, while daydreaming and waiting for my workload, a co-worker of mine sent a link via e-mail and I clicked on the link and came up on the page the title "G-Spot>> Ang mamatay ng dahil sa... OFWs!" Ngek! I said to myself "what is this?". So I read on the blog and looked at the photos on the blog and saw that it is Miss Giselle. I finished reading the blog and I feel relaxed because of the story (read it for you to see). Then I begun thinking, is this really Miss Giselle Sanchez's writing and story or just another hoax pretending to be Miss Giselle? So I read on the other Featured Articles on the blog and got to know Miss Giselle. Yep, I am one of the many fans of Miss Giselle not only me but also my Family.

I like to share Miss Giselle's blog and knowing that she is one of the best comedian and actress in our country, I want you to feel relaxed, get to know Miss Giselle and be happy. So what are you waiting for start reading her blog. Just click on her link located on my B L O G G E R S column right pane of this page. Enjoy! =)

If wish to know more about Miss Giselle, you can also catch her at this site:


strawberry_cheesecake said...

hello justkyut!!!sori e ku agad mekapag reply keka. so i visited your blog na lang. kalingkot naman ung blog ni ms Giselle ngayon. tapos ayan nanaman ung kutonglupa na isang blogger ung si bitch.hay e ku na nga pansinan ayta.
anyways good day to you!

Justkyut said...

okay mu ita sis busy ka ata e. onga andyan nanaman ung sira ulong bitch. ano nanaman ang pinagsasabi niya na wawala sa topic e. thanks for droppin' by. ingat.


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