Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Farewell Marky...

I was not planning to blog about what happened to the late Marky Cielo, but I can no longer control what is on my mind after what I have watched from monday to yesterday morning and then I have read the blog entry of my friend Jules about him.

It was really a lost especially to the family and close friends of Marky. i like to see him dance than Mark Herras. for me he is the prince of the dance floor. it was really a shock to the whole showbiz industry and many still cannot believe that a quiet, kind and humble young man will end up like this. I don't know him personally but I have watched him through starstruck and when they are only a few of them left on the competition, I knew he will be the one titled as the ultimate survivor of the competition. My mother and I were just talking about him last week wednesday when we saw him on TV and he looked improved physically. He gained muscles out of daily workout at the gym and his looks really improved comparing when he was just starting out of showbiz after he won the title. He looks so vain but nevertheless, he is the still the same guy that he is when he started out in Philippine Showbiz. When he had a mall show here at SM City Clark, Angeles City, I was not able to catch him on stage dancing for I was not able to go at the mall when he was there. But after he performed, people I know who were there told me that he came down from the stage and personally greeted his fans.

People from all walks of life admired him. He was on his way to stardom but this incident stopped it from happening. The "incident"... Hmmm... This has a mystery behind what really did happened. Bear with me for I am about to let you know about what is on my mind behind this incident that caused me to suddenly wake up from my slumber sleep yesterday.

Last Sunday evening, I came to work and sitted on my pod and heared some of the people talking about someone died, someone from showbiz. Suddenly I heard the name Marky Cielo. I was shocked! Huh?! Marky died? Why? What happened? I was left out of the incident for I was asleep all day since I work on a night shift and nobody at home told me what happened. So I did my own researching and found out that they found him dead at his room lying on the floor at their residence in Antipolo City morning of December 7. His mother rushed him to the hospital but was declared dead upon arrival 10 a.m. They said that he died due to acute pancreatitis but at that time the autopsy report was not yet delivered but they said that he died due to acute pancreatitis. Hmmm.. that made no sense to me. You asked me why? Because first of all, they found him lying on the floor dead. Was he fond of sleeping on the floor where in he has a comfy bed to sleep on. Remember, a person who died due to acute pancreatitis must be on a comfortable sleeping position either on the bed or on a sofa. Do you agree?

The next day Monday morning December 8, I was watching a talk show entitled SIS of GMA channel 7 and they were paying tribute to him. One of the host of the show Carmina Villaroel went to Marky's residence in Antipolo to interview some fans and the young actor's mother. The wake is ongoing at their residence at that time. When Miss Villaroel interviewed Marky's Mother, she was asked "What was the last conversation you had with your son and what were you talking about? Was it personal or something else?". His mother replied "it was personal I won't go into details. I only said to him that you are already at the right age and that is your responsibility". They talked until 2 in the morning of Sunday December 7. That was the last time she saw her son alive.

Next, I was wondering why the autopsy report is not yet out since yesterday morning December 9 and I was told by my mother that the report is out, however, his mother do not want any of the results of the report to come out and let everyone know. That I respect and understand. What I don't get is that, the Scene of the Crime Operatives or SOCO (like the CSI) of Antipolo City are also not allowed to tell anyone what they got from the investigation they have done. But Marky is a public figure, the public deserves to know what really happened to him, right? And then I was again tuned in to SIS talk show and some of Marky's friends are there. Each of them read the letter that they have written for Marky. What caught my attention is when co-actor and friend Mike Tan said that he last saw Marky at their hangout an Internet cafe at Tomas Morato, Manila playing online games Saturday night December 6. He did not bothered Marky while he is playing but Marky acknowledged his presence and continued playing. After that, Mike left Marky who is still busy playing online games. So after Marky played, he went home and chatted with his mother. I wonder if Marky did ate and made himself full up to the neck between the time after he played online games and chatted with his mother. And then, Rainer Castillo also Marky's co-actor and friend said as he read the letter he wrote for Marky "You know what we are here your friends. You can confide to us and tell us..." He cut what he is suppose to say on live television that made me think again about what is the real cause of death of Marky Cielo.

All of these I was thinking yesterday and summed up on my mind and asked myself, did Marky Cielo died due to acute pancreatitis? If he did, why is he found lying on the floor? What is his mother telling the viewers all about what they have talked about that night when he came home from playing online games? Did he really ate and slept full? What is Rainer implying on his statement that he said yesterday on live TV?

I am not implying anything on this entry, however, just like the many people that knows the late Marky Cielo are asking what did really happened to him. How about you, what do you think?

With all of these, May he rest in Peace and find the path to heaven and join the Angels and our Father Almighty. Let us pray for him.

This only mean that Life is too Short and better live it to the right and best way that we can for we only live our life once. We do not know what's ahead. Living each day to the best that we can and sharing what we have will not waste our life instead will make us grow to a better person.

My condolences to the family, friends and fans of the late Mark Angelo Cadaweng Cielo (1988-2008).
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aiLee920 said...

i was his fan...!! he's a great dancer and it's so sad to hear that he already passed away.. he was such a good actor....

Lalaine said...

:'(... he's still young... dami pa sana nyang pwedeng gawin... pero that's life... sabi nga nila... una una lang yan eh =(

nhey said...

he left a good image to the youth, even to adults who praised his talents, especially his kind heart and humility.

only Marky and God, knows the story behind his death... and even if he is a public figure, everyone deserves a peaceful exit in this world. i salute his mom's decision in making these all very private with respect to her son's death... and may he rest in peace with our Creator...

eiwanku said...

may he rest in peace..

JM said...

when i heard this news nalungkot ako, he's too young

But I know that he is at peace right now.

ivy fan fic said...

that is just so sad. excellent post by the way.


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