Saturday, September 20, 2008

I.T.A.L.Y (I Trust and Love You) the movie

I don't really watch a lot of tagalog or Filipino films. I'm not criticizing them nor telling you that they are not good films, it's just that I grew up watching foreign films. I'm picky when it comes to watching tagalog films. In particular, what drew me to watch this movie is the story itself and the places where the movie was shot. I find Europe an interesting place. France, Italy, Spain are the places I wanted to visit but unfortunately, I haven't got the chance to. The story of this movie is basically created and written from the experiences of our OFW's (Overseas Filipino Workers). I'm not an OFW myself but I got friends who are and I salute them for their hardwork.

The story evolves on the lives of Jolina Magdangal as Destiny, Dennis Trillo as Paolo, Ruffa Mae Quinto as Stella, Eugene Domingo as Lovely, Mark Herras as Nathan and Rhian Ramos as Phoebe. I won't go into details about the movie but these people all met aboard the Costa Magica cruise ship and their individual life stories starts there. The cruise ship brings them to their life's journey and not knowing which dock they will go to. I got to know the movie more and it's behind the scenes when I read the blog of
Jolina Magdangal last May of this year and then I followed reading it until the movie is set to be shown in the cinema. The places and scenery where the movie was shot is really breath taking. Plus the life story of the characters and in addition to that what amazes me is knowing that 70% of the crew on the Costa Magica are all Filipinos! You will see the Filipino crew on the movie too. Here is the full trailer of the move.

I suggest that you watch the movie on wide screen to better view the places. Enjoy watching!


DOPS said...

Wow, at pinanood mo pla tong pelikulang to... tama ka nga there are Filipino films that are worth watching, simply because they are good! At karamihan sa mga ginagawa na ngayon ay ung mga magaganda lao na nitong nagsultputan ang mga indie films na halos un na ang mga napaparangalan sa ibang bansa, ung mga dating pelikulang may kantahan, sayawan..etc... wala na un, hehe...

ako, kuntentado na sa mga anime sa internaer, basta me naruto, bleach, etc. lang ako, ok na, hehehe...

Ivy said...

Thanks for your comment. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'll link you too.

Justkyut said...

Sir dops onga po madami na ang mga indie films ngayon. Parang ung nangyari noon na mga minadaling pelikula ung mga ginawa sa loob lang ng isang linggo. Dapat talaga de kalidad na mga pelikula ang mga gawin nila para naman sulit sa mga manonood at para tangkilikin ang mga pelikulang pilipino ng di mawala nanaman ang industriyang ito.

Anime addict ka rin pala sir dops, lol!

Sue said...

hi, it's actually portuguese.

Ivy said...

Oh read all of that! Well, thank you so much. I guess I would have never been inspired to have a character like Simon if it wasn't for a friend of mine. I had gotten Josh together with Freddie on my Ivyoaks fan fic. But then I got to thinking..well, Freddie is older and Josh is suppose to still be in school. So I wanted him to find someone more his age. Of course, some of the time, I probably write more interesting stuff about Billy & Newt. Initially, I hadn't start Ivyoaks and slash fan fic. But then I noticed it was far more popular online..and then I wondered if I could even write it. So it was a bit of challenge.

Sorry to rattle on.

Thanks again. I should give you an award or something.

Sue said...

Yes, it's John Mayer, I am a big fan of him.
And yes, I am from Portugal, I don't have many things written in english because I consider that portuguese is a better language when it comes to translate what I feel. :)

Thanks for dropping by my page as well. ;)

Sue said...

Hi again ;)
Thanks for linking me to your page.
It's really amazing what John does with his guitar. Aside from blogging, I am a student. And you, what do you do more than posting?

looking forward to hear from you.

Ivy said...

Oh..thanks for the note. Yeah, I've heard of the L word. Just haven't watched it. I know I should.

I guess my bigest struggle is to keep going with Simon & Josh..since they are actually a part of the Hollyoaks fan fic I started which I don't write about that many characters from the brit soap as much. Since bbca isn't carrying it anymore. I watch bits on Utube. But then I had more fun incooperating a few people I have met into making them a bit of the characters I have come up with on my own.

Well, here is a link to something I started this week. Perhaps the darkside of my fan fiction about Anthony Hope. I really liked the character Leon. So mainly its about Leon and well, who he knows.

Thank you so much for reading.

Its more adult. I tried to make it a bit hard to find.

Anie said...

My good friend actually worked in a Costa ship. She just came back months ago. One of these days, I might go and ask her to watch this movie with me... maganda ba?


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