Monday, July 20, 2009

Salad anyone?

Yesterday after I got off from work I craved for salad. For my stomach and taste buds are telling me that I had enough meat and meat and meat for the whole week. Since there are lots of salads or should I say "types" or "kinds" of salad, I don't know which one I want to have. I usually eat Chef salad at Shakey's. I like salted eggs but not too much of that on my Chef salad. Too much of everything is bad for everyone's health. Yeah talk about of too much I need to get back in shape. Yeah I know your asking why I said that wherein if your reading my blog, you will read that I am playing lawn tennis. Well, weather here in the Philippines is not good lately. In the morning it rains and in the afternoon Mr. Sunny is way up high with all might light... then vice versa. With this kind of weather, even a kid can't go out and play. This is the scenario almost everyday and with that almost all my colleague are still going to work with colds, cough and a bit of flu. My colleague that I am sitting next to for the past week, until now, is coughing and she said that her throat is itchy. I just hope I won't catch any of those at work.

All right, salad salad salad, that's what I want to eat. When you say Salad, it contains lots of veggies especially green leafy lettuce. But I am wondering if there is another meaning for Salad so I checked Wikipedia and saw that the term Salad originated as the common name for schizophasia, a symptom of various mental illnesses. Schizophasia produces language that is not meaningful and might or might not be grammatical. "Salad" indicates that the words are tossed together randomly. Weird meaning for me but it is good for me. Ironic?

So I went to Shakey's one of my favorite restaurant, and checked their menu under salad and my eyes caught "Mandarin Salad
". Hmmm.. I've never tried this one before. So I ordered Mandarin Salad with Honey Mustard dip and here it is..

The salad contains fresh green crunchy leafy lettuce, shredded carrots, minced cucumber, whole corn and ofcourse when you say Mandarin, there is the orange. Sliced sweet mandarin oranges on the salad. It is healthy, refreshing and sweet!


Summer said...

Refreshing indeed! It's nice to have or eat salads once in a while. Orange and lettuce are so yummy. =D

the donG said...

kapampangans are really good at making filipinos go hungry. i think that'll be pampanga's next tourist attraction. hehehe...

i like vegetable salad.

~viper~ said...

healthy food :) yummy salad! and i always prefer tuna salad; the only food i think i may prepare perfectly for my okuchany :* love it!

enJAYneer said...

ang sarap nyan. im a veggie lover too. ^_^


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