Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's pause for a commercial break

Nowadays, I seldom watch TV because I spend my time after work playing lawn tennis or surfing the net. One time I was watching a evening program and there are always commercial breaks. Not just one commercial but several of them especially if the program is being watched by many and hitting high ratings. I was tired of watching many infomercials and other commercials and I was about to switch channel when a new commercial came up.

I didn't switch the channel and watch the commercial. The commercial is about a little kid (bulilit is what we call little kids ages 1-5 in the Philippines) and she is living in a big new house. The commercial is for Camella homes endorsement. Camella homes is one of the housing developer in the Philippines. As I was watching the commercial, the kid thought she is living in a small house that's why she is moving little by little around the house and finally she realizes that she is now living in a big new home. The kid is cute! And I wonder who she is for that is the first time I saw the kid on national television.

Almost everyone at my work is talking about the commercial and the kid. I searched the internet for the commercial and I found it. I want to share it to you and I also found out that her name is Cha-Cha Canete. She is 4 years old. She once played in the noontime show at Eat Bulaga called Kontrapelo. I found a video too when she played at the noontime show.

Here is the commercial and the video when she played,


Rio said...

ang cute cute nga nyang batang yan.
natutuwa ako sa commercial nya..parang ang sarap sarap kurutin sa pisngi..=D

dylan said...

kyuti kyuti yang batang yan. naaaliw talaga ako. "bulilit bulilit and liit liit.." napakanta pako hehehe

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

Lalaine said...

hahaha... ganda talaga ng commercial na yan... ang cute cute ng bata!!! kakaaliw! :D

the donG said...

hehehe... at first i really he (now she) is a girl. but she's cute. that commercial is a hit.

simon n josh said...

Oh..those commercials are sometimes better than the tv shows.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

sarah n lydia said...

Had to send you something from Ivyoaks...hope you won't be mad.

enJAYneer said...

hi there.. nice post.. thanks for sharing!

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JM said...

I love that kid, she is sooo cute, pag nkita ko yan kukurutin ko ang pisngi nyan, gusto ko na tuloy magkaroon ng baby,hahah

Summer said...

Ahahaha..oo nga ang cute ng batang yan eh..Pati pamangkin koh na batang babae ginagaya yan..Nakakatuwa sya..=)

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Solo said...

I really like this kids,the way how she walk,and specially the way she eat..She eat like she's eating bubble gum..hehehe
Great post.Hope to see more from you.Have a nice day.

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