Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey! It's all about Nhey!

It has been 35 years... You were a kid, teenager, now a lady and mother. Second to 5 siblings and you are all girls. Blessed with 2 lovely daughters. I was not with you all through those years, nonetheless, I am part of those 35 years. Am I right BFF?

I can't tell everything about her in those years of her life but I can tell you about her when I became part of her. It all started early 90's. I have vivid memories of those times since I was in my elementary. I won't go into details but that's the first time we have met. I think she was in her 3rd or 4th year in college taking Education course. She was one of our practice teacher and mentor. After I graduated elementary, I no longer saw her. Then destiny let us be re-united after 10 years. Destined that I give her a nudge or shake on her shoulders and wake her up to her wits and senses. Sometimes she needed that. And what I don't like most about her is that she keeps herself from all people when she has a problem. Well that's her and I'm not planning to change her. I love her for what she is now..

I have been talking all about her and forgot to introduce her, sorry about that. I have been mentioning her in some of my blog post. She is Nhey Sison or Benilda Lacap Sison for long, LOL! She writes comments on my blog posts as Viper and she is no ther than my BFF! I won't reveal all about her today because it's her special day. Yup, it's her Birthday! How old is she you asked? Better read again the beginning of this blog post but mind you, age is only a number.


I'm very proud of her because she stand as a father and mother, best friend and good provider to her 2 daughter. And obedient, helpful, reliable sibling and daughter to her parents. She is hard-working, competent, humble, God-fearing, a good leader, loving, sweet, patient and there are a lot more! As a friend, she will give you whatever she can give. For me, she is a superwoman and miss independent. She has her ups and downs, well everyone has that. She's not perfect, but she is for me and in her own rights.

Nhey's daugthers, Bea and Joby

She is a flexible person. She works hard for the benefit of her family especially for her daughters. Even if she is tired from work, she make sure that everything is okay with her kids. Also takes quality or bonding time wit her kids. When kids have classes, she make sure that all homework are done and reviews them with their lessons at school. With that, kids are among the top of their class.

Nhey loves to read any reading material. She also writes short stories and poems. She loves to watch Korean novelas on the Internet and movies that are romantic, but if you are watching with her make sure that you have a box of tissue ready for wiping her tears because she gets too emotional just by watching those drama stories. So she can't watch with my mother or else the place would be flooded, LOL!

Well, we are both emotional, we love nature and likes listening to Jennifer Lopez's (JLO) songs. Aside from writing, she loves to dance and sing. We are both music lovers. There are things that only us understands and we cannot or don't know how to explain them. She has lots and lots of admirers and some stalkers and after this post, they might be more on the way and I hope they are not stalkers. She's a typical Filipina, simple, morena and beautiful. But we don't know hot to cook dishes, we just love to eat, LOL!

Hmmm... what else... Okay I won't reveal more about her cause she might throw things at me the next time we meet. Peace BFF hehehe...

I won't tell here what is the name I call my BFF, that is between her and me. But my message to you my BFF is (and I'm always telling you) I'm here always at your side even though we don't often see each other or communicate all the time. I'm just here waiting for you to shout my name and you know how and where to reach me. You know me, less talk and more actions.

To you my BFF, I wish you happiness, good health, success and strength in your life. I pray that God give you His abundant blessings and keeps you safe. I wish that what your heart's desire will come true.


~viper~ said...

Great goodness! You surprised me with the youtube thing, but this surprised me more! Thank you so much! You know I may not give you back a special treatment you often share with me, for I may not be like you in expressing your thoughts and feelings, but you know how thankful I am for the fiendship you patiently share with me and the kids.

From my deepest soul and heart, thank you so very much! Thanks BFF!

Rio said...

happy birthday nhey.

~viper~ said...

thanks Rio!

Justkyut said...

@Rio>>>Abah Doc Rio! kelangan mo lang pala yugyugin ng konti para gumalaw galaw ka dyan sa iyong clinic hehehe.. salamat po sa pagdalaw.. mag post ka naman po

@Viper>>> miss you.. I need to talk to you URGENT.. hay...

Leon said...

aw..that was sweet. hope you are getting some time to have some fun soon.

Solo said...

Oh wow! Happy Birthday Nhey.;D And you may have more days and years to come.And to you Justkyut,more post to see from you.hehehe.Have a wonderful day.;D

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the donG said...

she's really inspiring. she indeed deserves a special post here. belated happy birthday nhey!

im sure her daughters loves her as much.


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